Australian woman wakes up from surgery with an Irish accent

It’s very rare and not that thoroughly studied but if I understand correctly it’s effectively brain damage (or a developmental issue in some cases) that manifests as a kind of speech impediment that affects how individuals pronounce certain sounds, which happen to sound like a foreign accent (and no, there’s no precise definition for what that means, it’s purely perceptual as far as I can tell).

I’d freak out if this happened to me, but it’s also hilarious. (assuming it’s not indicative of brain trauma of course)

That’s not much of an Irish accent. (Irishman here!) It’s probably strong enough to be distinctive to an Australian, but it’s very gentle. As others have said, it’s likely to do with her pitching her voice in a different part of her throat or mouth. Irish accents (particulalry the Northern Irish Accents) speak very much through the nose. So if you’re easing your throat - that will be the result.

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It is in the video and it is a fake hollywood type Irish accent.

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It is a person doing a fake Irish accent. A neurological issue can make a person do weird things they can’t control. It has nothing to do with Ireland but it is a fake Irish accent.

This is the best answer. The perception of it being a particular accent is entirely coming from the listener.


Well of course it’s not a REAL Irish accent! :laughing:


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