Author Jon Ronson receives an "ominous" note from hotel housekeeping crew


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If you haven’t already, treat yourself to Mr. Ronson’s excellent segments on This American Life.


Did they leave a “Good night, sweet prince” note with his turn-down chocolate?


“Goodbye… I mean, goodnight.”


I remember a hotel with a sign that said, “STAY HERE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!” It gave me a chill every time I saw it. Brrrr.


Sounds familiar. Was it called “Hotel California”?


Maybe housekeeping has one of those daily inspirational quote calendars and thought it would be good to share with the guests.


The only thing I ever found left in a room are animals folded from towels, and a pin hole camera.

So sorry, for who ever saw that. That, like, never happens. I was pretty drunk at the time.


“Enjoy the day, like it’s your last without bed bugs!”


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