Sleep with van Gogh

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i have never had a bucket list, but now i think i have an item for it. van gogh has been a favorite of mine since i was a little kid.


Good luck getting any sleep there considering that the neighbors are notorious for not being able to keep their voices down.


I’d rather have a drink and shoot some pool at the night cafe if you don’t mind.


I wonder if they built it slightly out of kilter to reflect the slightly weird perspective in the painting.

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Disney and Bosch.


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“…because someone obstructed all these doors with furniture.”

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This could make for a good themed motel, something like the Madonna Inn but all based on paintings.

(God forbid you check into the Anselm Kiefer or Francis Bacon rooms, you’d never get any sleep what with all the infernal howling.)


And for G-d’s sake avoid the Matthew Barney suite at all costs !!!

Anyone planning on staying there, let me know. I’ll take you to the Art Institute for free!

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