Iconic (and super creepy) Clown Motel is up for sale

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Sleep tight…


Did Pee-Wee Herman sleep here?


Decimal points points! Can you use 'em mother******?


Just stopped by there a few weeks ago on my way to visit my sister. Looks like the price went up in the past couple of years, and they still haven’t found a decimal for the sign.

(Proof that my husband escaped alive)

Yes, still super creepy, but hey, there’s that huge solar energy plant down the road, so maybe this is a good investment. Hell, market yourself as a hipster glamping sort of thing, and you’ll have people pouring in.

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If you show up with 15 of your friends, all in a single VW Beetle, you’ll get your first night free.


Free room service if everyone’s wearing rainbow wigs and red noses.


Free wig dusting and oversized shoeshine service!

somewhere to keep the intelligencia

This is where I want to see "Clownhouse’. C’mon Alamo! I know you can do this!!!

Also, we’re all bozos on this bus.

It’s a pretty generic mom n pop cheap motel, if you ignore all the clowns in the office. I’ve stayed there a few times on my way home from BM with no bad episodes to report. There’s a nice collection of cheesy 70s cars next to the graveyard.

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