Faded, clown-themed motel that backs onto a plague pit

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See? The nice clowns don’t want to hurt you.


It’s only 6 hours up 395 from LA. C’mon! Who’s with me?


It’s perfectly safe. I’ve stayed there on two occasions, and didn’t die either time.

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If you find yourself in Tonopah, why bother with the clown kitsch when a truly interesting hotel is right there and cheap:

The Mizpah Hotel.

Even if you’re just passing through, belly up to the bar. It’s worth the stop.


I’ve stayed in Tonopoah; how the hell did I miss this? It would have been perfect, given the nature of that trip…

The Tonopah plauge might have been pneumonia:


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I wish I had the shoop skills to put a big ol’ monolith on the roof, with the caption: My God… it’s full of clowns!

That’s exactly what an undead person possessed by an evil clown spirit would say… I’M ON TO YOU CLOWNS!!!

Well it got four stars in Meth Trucker magazine.

The couple of times I played PowerBall, I imagined using a big jackpot to fund a program for teaching minority science teachers, and building modern SROs to house homeless vets.

Now, I’m picturing a third project: Building a Clown Motel from the ground up. Part hotel, part theme park. One with e-paper clown pictures in the room whose eyes follow you, and “secret passages” with animatronic clowns.

I stayed there one night fifteen plus years ago. We landed in the parking lot in a little red Robinson R22 helicopter. Everything about the stay was memorable.

That’s a good question, actually. It’s not like Tonopah is a big place. :smile:

I assume that there are enough clowns that if a person was to “forget” a slightly cursed clown doll in one of the rooms the hotel staff wouldn’t notice1?

1Until it’s too late…

Did… did I actually stay there, but it was so horrifying the trauma erased the memory from my mind?

And it’s got free Internet… cheap motels always seem to do this, while $200-a-night hotels make you pay extra.

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