There's a clown-themed motel in Nevada, with a cemetery next door

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I have TWO HUMVEES full of barbells and I’m headed down there. I’m gonna be eating raw meat in the room and pumping iron.


And in case that wasn’t clear, I say GOOD DAY, SIR.


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I tried to stay there half a dozen years ago when I was passing through Tonopah and wanted to stay for the night but they were sold out. Yes, a clown-themed motel in the middle of nowhere was fully booked. (Pro tip: The Mitzvah is a fabulous alternative, highly recommended.)

I briefly contemplated buying the Clown Motel when it came up for sale but abandoned the idea when I realized how miserable I would be living in Tonopah.


The Tonopah Brewing Company has a sign in the window “best beer in Nevada” and a couple of other hotels you can stay in, if the clown motel is too much for you.

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Christopher Sebela wrote a book about staying there for a month.

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