House for sale in Ontario loaded with clown memorabilia


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Nope. Not even once.


The price is dependant on the old owners being able to leave behind the demonic clowns that possess the house.


Given the current real estate market here, it’s actually a really good deal.

And (despite my personal aversion to clowns) good on the owners for making their home something they loved. I wish more people were like that. (Although maybe not so obsessed with clowns)


That just raised my “I need a drink” meter to critical.


We are not clowning around. The previous owner said “we’d all float down here” and we agree, that at this price you’ll float on down here too to grab this great piece of real estate at an incredible deal.


More info about it here:


my leg began twitching in the dining room.


Let’s all chip in, buy it, and make it a Juggalo museum.


Should you have any questions,


A MAJOR miss by the real estate agent.


This is way better than any fiction I was dreaming up.


Whenever someone says that staging isn’t worthwhile, this will be Exhibit A.


Love it or hate it, I guess. Was it really just a couple living there? Or like… 1000 couples in that one house, pouring out in a comical way?


The real estate agent sells the house,
but only by the consent of the clowns.



Is this the house from The Good Place?


Holy crap! I want to buy this place, just to invite people over and pretend like everything is totally normal.

If anyone mentions clowns, I’ll just play dumb.

Then start to do every increasingly more creepy/scary things, like cut a cake for dessert with a knife that’s just a little too big for the job etc…

Then after they leave, relieved to finally be out of the creepy place, they’ll start to hear warped calliope music coming from somewhere. Drive faster! It can’t be in the car can it? (of course I attached a mp3 player pumping out the tune someplace inconspicuous while on a bathroom break).

Man, you could have so much fun with a place like this!


McMannis said the plan is for his parents to sell the house—likely this week—and move in with him and his wife. As for the fate of the clowns?
“A lot of them are going to be boxed up into our crawl space.”

So the clowns aren’t included? No deal!


I consider myself a fearless man, but I would not want to try spending the night in that place.