For sale: Clarabelle the red-nosed, polka-dotted clown car


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And it’s roomy too, you can fit 20-30 of your clown friends inside!


What kind of maker would buy a car like that?


The ads on BB are getting so intrusive I can’t actually read the damn articles without some autoplay video or screen filling BS swamping my browser. Usually it is when I am zoomed in a bit. Annoying.


I know clowns. I’ve worked with clowns. Dated one once. Clowns. Buy it - and burn it.


Sure, it’s “clown-y.” But is it clown-y enough? :thinking:


Crowdfund and send it to you-know-who for him to ride in ?


Oh hey, the president is in town! There is his limosine!


NoScript + uBlock?


At the head of the parade!


This is the perfect vehicle for the fat fools military parade…so emblematic of all he stands for.


Can’t sleep. Car will eat me.


I hear they are a horny bunch.


Well, you know what they say about men with big feet…


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