Aviation authority investigating UFOs over Ireland

So you want an asteroid that’s big enough to withstand at least a few seconds of contact with the atmosphere so people can see it. Then it has to be going fast enough to overcome earth’s gravity and the drag from the atmosphere. I’m not an astrophysicist but I would guess this to be unlikely. It could happen but not nearly often enough to explain the many ufo claims.

And such an object would have to be aimed just right or it would impact and cause a major disaster. Or simply miss. The margins will be very small.


in Scottish mythology they are daoine sìth

If I only could remember where I have heard that before

thats because you didnt gave me somethig specific to debunk, but I am perfectly willing to do so if you give me some of your mentioned “evidence”.

there was nothing on radar, if you are talking about the gimbal-video. nor had they visual. it was just IR. oh, and as it goes for the “UFOs over ireland”; the virgin pilot said he thinks it was a meteor or space-junk:

A Virgin Airlines pilot of #VS76 from Orlando to Manchester reported seeing the same thing. He described it as a “meteor or another object making some kind of re-entry.

again, show me evidence, an amazon-link to a book proves nothing.


SO THIS!!! And man, odes this perspective apply to soooo many areas of life and understanding, or what? I find the approach of deliberately blurring my vision (perspective/impressions) allows me to perceive patterns much more easily than getting hung up on details.

If this is a subject that’s interesting to you, and this is going to sound wacky perhaps, but there is a realm of “channelled material” that is highly instructive on the topic. Turns out, the entities have been directly talking to us for a long time, including currently, and they are happy to share an awful lot of information about what’s going on. Again, when many of these sources (from literally over thousands of years) are evaluated with “blurry vision” the patterns become quite obvious. The various materials tend to be quite consistent…

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It is impossible for a meteor to bounce off the atmosphere? It is impossible that the relative angle of view of the pilot would make the meteor appear to have accelerated?

It is more likely to be an alien aircraft, piloted across the immense reaches of space with a technology vastly more advanced than our own, and then the pilot of that aircraft decides to show himself, but not make contact with a civilisation?


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dosent matter, you would still see it and its extremly hard to determine the real distance to something travelling that fast…(see link below for “earth-grazing-fireball”)

err, not as unlikely as you might think.

The Great Daylight Fireball (or US19720810) was an Earth-grazing fireball that passed within 57 kilometres (35 mi; 187,000 ft) of Earth’s surface at 20:29 UTC on August 10, 1972. It entered Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 15 kilometres per second (9.3 mi/s)[2] in daylight over Utah, United States (14:30 local time) and passed northwards leaving the atmosphere over Alberta, Canada.

oh, additional:

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Another object? Like, maybe… an alien vessel!

Hey, don’t go insulting their ships!

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Oh I agree. But it’s not either-or, there are dozens of other possibilities, including flat-out hoax.


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