Award-winning short sf film written by an AI is pretty good

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It’s like an Adam Sandler movie, but funny!


Still a more coherent film than “Prometheus”.

I thought that the word garbage was quite effective at creating an alienating feeling; almost like listening to a language you are not fluent in, or speaking to a teenager.


“Award-winning short sf film written by an AI is pretty good” - No. The actors do a great job communicating feeling, personal dynamics and a semi-plot while reciting the nonsense the AI wrote.


Agreed, the writer is basically just a chatbot spitting out sentences that are mashups of SF screenplays without a plot or character building.

The surreal part comes from the cast and crew having to work with nonsense sentences like “takes his eyes out of his mount”.

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Makes me think of the good ol’ days when the spambots would attempt to fool filters by including a few paragraphs of gobbledygook. They don’t do that anymore, do they?


It’s like a 5 year old who knows sentence mechanics – cute as a baby crocodile that will grow to the size of an aircraft carrier.


Heck, it’s not even particularly good for a script produced by software. I don’t know what kind of software they were using, but I’ve seen better output from dumb Markov chain scripts. Although it was interesting to see the actors take on the nonsense script, it’s kind of disappointing that the “first movie written by an ‘AI’” is just gibberish.

You probably have. But not consistently.

Recursive Neural Network with Long Short-Term Memory (RNN LSTM):

The first link is for those of you who either know or are interested in RNN LSTM applications; the second is for those of you who are not.

Ross throws a lot of his code onto Github, but if there’s a specific source for this it’s not there. More importantly, his data-set ain’t there, and that’s what I want. His RNN has to run on today’s version of the supercomputer – a whole lotta high-end graphics cards. Somebody reading this post could afford to build such a system, but not I.


Although interesting to an extent, I think it is just spam-bot gibberish enlivened by a game cast and crew. My breath continues to be not held in anticipation of the Singularity turning the whole universe into an Ice-cream sundae in the next couple of decades.

The team of monkeys on typewriters also had a good contender in the works but couldn’t complete it by the deadline.


The problem with gibberish is you can’t tell if it was produced by a smart system or a dumb one. That LSTM-produced folk song, on the other hand, is awesome.

I’m going to see my soul
I’m trying to be free
I can take you through the way you do
And I’m gonna lay down the river in the sky
I’m a man and I won’t be on your hand
And if I was moving at the street
I want to be a pretty little girl
I can’t stand the way that I can’t leave me
And I can’t be really walking on
I will be all right


It’s gibberish, but it’s less gibberish-y than ever before.

Without adding in special code to do script markup for characters, descriptions, etc. - the RNN LSTM does that all automagically.

There’s virtually no way, except outrageous chance or ridiculous settings*, for a markov engine to do that.

* say, setting the n-gram length to be equal to the numbers of words in the source-script. The engine will output the input. Much in the same way LenPeg is the ultimate compressor for the Lenna image.


They were too busy churning out some potboiler about a prince who can’t get off his ass and do shit.


'Twas ever thus.


I say it here, I say it now: AI will be driven by advertisers so that we sit on our asses consuming junk, moving nothing, and failing to reproduce. It is the end of humanity.

Me excluded.

Nah, after a few years of no births the advertisers will figure out their market is shrinking, and start encouraging reproductive sex. But only among those most susceptible to advertising.


Oooh! Evolutionary selection of couch potatoes!


Here’s an embed

Still a better love story than Twilight.


Pair that with a computer generated tune from a neural network trained on just the right mix of music and you have a hit! Perhaps get the neural network trained on Blade Runner to do the music video.