Awesome dance track made of clips of scamming televangelist who is also famous for his farts

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Both of those videos are genius in their own right.

Flatulence makes everything funny.


“who is also famous for his farts”

I ask you, just how bad could he be?


Tragic that he could not heal himself.

I would think that wearing the magic jacket would have cured him… Perhaps he just has too much Holy Spirit in him?

Love Pogo, but it was so much better with the context of the fart video.


Aside from the hilarity, it kind of looks like he’s having absence seizures.

Also, that’s not the same guy, @crenquis. Pretty sure that’s Benny Hinn (not to be confused with Benny Hill.)

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Pogo is great. Was it here the disney remix was posted? I particularly love that one.

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Better in context. (starts at 1:40)

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Not exactly the same thing, but also some pretty miraculous editing of religious euphoria:

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Xeni, you could have used the full farting preacher video on my youtube channel The Original Farting Preacher aka Pastor Gas ( full version )

fought youtube and the Rev;s lawyers for 6 years to get the video back up.

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