Awesome doctor gives toddler a vaccination

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Him for President!


So awesome. SO AWESOME!!!

There’s so much of this love in the world. We just need to get more of it out there and visible.


There’s a dude who loves his job, and does it better because of it.


Can’t speak for most pediatricians but i still have very fond memories of visiting my pediatrician. Went to see him mainly only for the odd vaccination or whenever i needed a physical done for travel or school reasons, yet he seemed to have impeccable memory and was always very cheerful.
About this particular video, i had seen it elsewhere… maybe facebook, but the doctor is great for sure :slight_smile: Seems like the kind of guy i would not hesitate to get care from.


Best pediatrician ever. Shouldn’t we link to the original video posted by the mom in 2012 instead of a recent copy?


What kind of thermometers were in vogue at that time?


Lol. i think it was under the arm to be honest :slight_smile:

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Definitely a master in the art of distraction and misdirection.


Next time I encounter someone crying, I’ll take a cue from this doc and start tossing individual tissues at them. It clearly works!


Holy crap, that tissue trick was brilliant. This guy’s terrific.

My doc used rectal glass thermometers. I was not a fan. But he was also a master of misdirection, doing little magic tricks and then bam! I’m getting a shot.


Even my inner miser can see that this is a good use of toilet paper.


Yeah, okay. He is pretty awesome.

Kids very early on learn that they can get a lot of attention by playing up a real or imagined injury. But Doc doesn’t play that game, and when the kid starts to cry, has him completely distracted and laughing in a few seconds.

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As a kid, knowing that it was glass, and fragile, made me want to be as still and quite as possible.

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It was cold, glass, and fragile, and scared me to death. But at least it made getting a shot seem like small potatoes!

That would be a lot harder with leeches.

But yes, I love seeing peoplle who are a perfect fit for their job.

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The nurses at my local medical practice do the vaccinations for my kiddo. She just had her 18 months one and they did them while she was playing. My baby girl cried for half a minute and then went back to playing. She didn’t even want a cuddle from me.

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