Awesome, sports-loving girl's awesome letter to sports company whose catalog excludes women




To be fair, the company is called Dick’s.


Damn you! You beat me to it!


to be honest i also clicked through for the dick’s jokes… :slight_smile:

oh and to day GOOD FOR YOU GIRL!!! way to make your point but keep your cool and encourage the change you wish to see. I hope you see some girls playing b-ball in their next catalog and are rewarded for your efforts. we are behind you and just hope to heck that they don’t make all the girls b-ball stuff princess pink! Keep being awesome and doing what you love!


I love it. If I were the CEO of Dick’s, I would listen to this bright, articulate girl. I can really appreciate how she took the time to criticize the catalog without just being antagonistic or negative on the company. If Dick’s has any brains, they’ll update their catalog pronto.


When I was single and living alone I found Saturday evening women’s basketball on TV to be a great comfort. It should be encouraged for that reason at the very least.

Also: Hi to the other Melbourne!


In most men, dick’s have all the brains!

Thanks guys I’ll be here all week.


I smell an untapped market. If the #1 sporting goods chain does a good job alienating girls, somebody needs to open up Dick and Jane’s, right next door.


Let’s face it: Dick’s Need Women.


Yeah, you might not want to say stuff like that out loud, because that’s probably what’s going to happen. :confused:


Just made me smirk as I pictured him introducing himself at parties.


I’m hoping for a merger with Hertz.


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