USPS issues circular, textured sports ball stamps


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the football one overcomes the limits of its media


“Okay folks, we have seven great suggestions for sports, but we need eight to make the sheets work out nicely. Anybody have a good suggestion for another sport with a unique ball having some kind of recognizable texture?”

…And that’s how kickball made the cut.


Does everyone at BoingBoing dislike sports? Sports seems to get a backhand slap every time the topic is mentioned.

I mean, I strongly dislike the opera, but I don’t say so every time someone brings up the chrome or the firefox.


I thought at first these were 3d, which would truly be a feat of techno-philatelic engineering.


Can you please show me where this slap exists in this thread or the original post? I didn’t detect it.


I’m sorta bummed I can’t get a sheet of only baseball ones.
We don’t use too many stamps - haven’t since online bill pay forever ago - but these are pretty cool.
In for a sheet. :slight_smile:


TIL kickball is considered a sport.


really - and a puck would have fit perfectly.


If they had called it Dodgeball I would give them a pass.


I was bad enough at sportsball as a kid, just about any game I would be involved in would often turn into dodge ball (with me as the target).


For the record, my favorite sport is golfball.


Their marketing department is taking things up a notch, the latest slogan released with these stamps makes mail sexy again…

USPS:Check out our package. Feel our balls.


Anyone know why these read: USA FOREVER
that seems rather passive aggressive…


They tried ; and that’s why there is no marble stamp.


Fail. No cricket ball.


I am totally going to the post office today, buy some of these and yell out “Yeah! These stamps are the balls!”


Though the part with texture is the edges… It wouldn’t be a circle, and well it isn’t a ball. But I agree it could have had a puck…
and Go Ottawa!


I suppose it’s possible that @pesco really, really loves these stamps but only really loves the sports themselves. But it sounds like a slap to me.


They could’ve shown a football pointed right at you!