Awesome Xmas Song Thread


There is good Christmas music, if you look. There was some really nice folk christmas tunes on in the shop I was in today, but asking what it was produced only blank stares, sadly (though someone there knows, but it’s clearly a fuckin’ secret or something). Therefore, I give you my perennial favourite:


And, of course, this:


From the musical “Songs for a New World” by Jason Robert Brown:
Surabaya Santa



Presidents of the USA: Christmas Piglet


Yeah, but that’s on, like, everywhere. You never hear any fuckin’ Bootsy in the supermarket (though ours plays New Order, and on one glorious occasion, the Muppets, til someone in charge made them stop it and behave themselves). We need a War On Generic Christmas Tunes. WAR!!!


Now you’re talkin’.




Though it’s not really Christmassy sounding.


I think you forgot Paul McCartney.

And Slade, and Wizzard.

I can’t approve this thread.

I’ve always been fond of this, though.


Eeeeh, I remember this being Xmas no.1 :slight_smile:


maybe in the UK. nobody knows it in the US, and there’s cuss words in it, so it won’t be played on the airwaves or in supermarkets anyhow.


I never thought of that. On the other hand: Well, it’s in all our shops.FEEL MY CULTURAL IMPERIALISM COLONIALS! MWUHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!



it seems there’s a whole bunch of great, funky christmas tunes by session-player bands on weird one-off labels, but this band name is hilarious


Damn that is fine. See, that’s what I’m talking about. We can do better as a species. Really we can.


oh, wow

case in point, we just watched A Very Murray Christmas on netflix, a Bill Murray holiday show. one of the songs they did was Fairytale, which surprised me, considering my previous comment. However, they completely cut the whole second verse out, and this was a grownup show on netflix with no obscenity laws to abide. i think the presence of “the other F word” is such a lightning rod now. i doubt i could’ve typed it here without it being deleted.


A new tune, bound to become a classic.