Awkward 1979 Talking Heads interview on American Bandstand


David Byrne himself tells us he ‘had’ Asperger’s syndrome (which is no longer valid diagnostic terminology, I know, I know.)
David Byrne Interview:

Looks like they just want to do the song.

I think that’s an excellent interview. The hesitation and the shyness are part of its beauty. Great to see such a young David Byrne too. And kudos to Dick Clark for keeping the interview going, unapologetically playing the part of the square, getting interesting answers from all of them and generally respecting their awkwardness. Some professional old-school tv-host skill right there.


Hard to believe that its been 36 years since this fantastic band came to be nationally known. Very original music, plus possibly the greatest touring documentary movie ever with Stop Making Sense. Still makes me happy to see it today.

Agreed. No hoards of production staff prepping or coaching the talent into conforming to TV-show standards, and a host who’s goal is to uncover their talent, rather than making a snarkspectacle out of ambitious people trying something new.


DSM = “Doesn’t Say Much”

You can tell David Byrne loves interviews…

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I think they got what Tina said they wanted – to make their mark on music history.


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