Azerbaijan may invade Armenia soon, lawmakers told

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I guess we’ve hit the point in history where every right-wing dictatorship decides it wants to enslave or commit genocide against its neighbors. :frowning:


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I’d be interested to know more, if anyone does, about whether hanging a CSTO member out to dry was more or less entirely voluntary(presumably in the same vein as the more general Russian assumption that they now had enough hard power to skip tedious playing nice in their divinely ordained sphere of influence); or if Russian really isn’t happy about the situation but is sufficiently weakened that they aren’t in a position to do anything about it and Azerbaijan knows it.


We’re seeing a rise in nationalism and fascism worldwide. I think this might just have happened at some point in history before… Hopefully this time the outcome is more peaceful.


Or, as historians call that point in history, “history”.

It’s true that this kind of thing did seem to become unfashionable for a brief moment, but it looks like we’re back to business as usual again.


From my Armenian friends, it sounds like they really did believe Russia would help out.

I can see the thinking of that - the USSR kept a lid on this and many other simmering ethnic conflicts, so it’s not crazy to think that Russia might continue that.

But of course they won’t. They can’t even manage their own internal problems at this point.


… any regional leader who wants to get away with something while the U.S., the UK, and Russia are all distracted by something else, that time is now


i think there was the fear of it maybe. and now russia’s been proving there’s not much to that anymore. ( maybe some defenestration, i suppose )


Spent a lovely week in Yerevan, taking daily excursion to see historical sites and breathtaking landscapes, only to return in the evening for hearty Armenian stews with equally hearty red wine. Everyone in Yerevan has a cousin or two in Los Angeles so they all speak flawless English. But the same worldly Armenians would tell me that Russia was a responsible, level headed, partner that had Armenias best interest at heart, while westerners were shifty and unreliable, with hidden agendas behind every move.


I would love to see Yerevan. Your point about Armenian views is very very believable. They had a very good relationship with the USSR and many Armenians speak Russian and live in Russia. People trust what they are familiar with.


Very understandably, they worried that the US would want to use them as a base in a future war against Iran, which they decidedly did not want.


Post-Soviet countries Azerbaijan and Armenia have fought several conflicts over the Nagorno-Karabakh region in recent decades, but the last, in 2020, ended with Azerbaijani forces finally overrunning the disputed territory and pushing out its Armenian population.

I know it’s just a summary, but it still seems worth mentioning that this 2020-related conflict ‘ended’ just a few weeks ago (I got confused reading it, since I had read about but am not very familiar with the region):

On 19 September 2023, Azerbaijan launched a military offensive on Nagorno-Karabakh… In the aftermath of the offensive, an exodus of Armenians from the region started


Well, they were half right, I guess.


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