Baby Caracal asks for some food (turn your sound on!)


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Furry dinosaur cat. <3


Sounds sort of like there’s a small electric motor in there.


You think he’s small. He knows he’s huge.


Just don’t feed it after midnight!


In it’s mind it’s a ROAR!


Cutest insect ever!


Sonic screwdriver?


Nice to see that Snarf is still getting work.



The bigger cats will prey on the smaller, lighter ones, so it helps for these small cats to either call softly, or maybe sound like a bird or some kind of rodent:


So that’s what the Hayes AT command for “give dead rodents” sounds like


Sounds like a Game Boy Pokémon cry.


What is that, like 9600 baud?


With a ball bearing in it that needs to be replaced.




Sounds like my old electric tooth brush with the battery dying.


When I first got the baby Caracal to feed I was really excited, what a triumph of Mercerism this was - and also I thought they were extinct so of course to have one to care for made the tears come to my eyes but then my wife said I think it’s broken and flipped the brain pan to realign the wiring so it started doing a normal purr again.





I wonder what an adult one sounds like.


sonic disruptor