Baby emu excited to play with puppy


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Yes, shooting vertical video was certainly the smart choice. After all, when you’ve got two animals interacting, the last thing you want is to have them both in-frame at the same time.


Is that really playing or “I wish I was a cassowary with a razor sharp claw to rip it’s throat out”.


That dog looks nervous about the bird to me.

“That a tall dog. But smell funny… What happen?”


The emu is already attempting pecks at the dog’s genitals. Give it another few months and it’ll be capable of killing the dog with a single kick, no cassowary claws required.

Cute, though.


Oh, the verticality!


That’s what I was thinking… Looks more like a threat display. Clever girl


yeah…it’s laying on it’s back and deploying it’s primary weapon, the claws.

This isn’t like a dog doing ‘oh i’m submissive’…it’s like “COME AT ME AND I"LL CLAW YOU TO DEATH”.


I think it’s better with arms.


Exotic animals make great pets?


They’re not exotic in Australia…


Oh is the video from Australia? I didn’t see that.


Whoever’s taking the video sounds pretty Australian to me.


OTOH, Emus ain’t pets here either. They’re a protected species; you need a licence to keep them.


I need it to gabble.


This is what a cat did to my dog a month ago, since when he has given it a very wide berth.

It certainly looks as if the emu is trying to frighten the dog off - it is doing rapid movements indicating “you can’t catch me” along with threat displays from claws and beak. “Playing” presumably in the sense of “stop playing with your food”.


Would rumbling be close enough?


That’s awesome. :thumbsup:


Beat me too it. My preferred version as well.


So, you think the owner is just spreading lies about their pets to fool us into thinking they are playing?