Baby meets beagle

Where did I say they are bad parents? I simply pointed out the risks involved as cute as the video may be. I used to train service dogs. All responsible dogs trainers recommend keeping babies and little children out of dogs’ faces. It’s not about being mean to the baby or the dog. It’s about safety.

You know how service dogs are trained not to “mouth”? You keep your hands away from their mouths and you turn your back if they display unwanted behavior. Simple, undramatic, and it works.

And a 6 month old human shares the same emotions as an adult?

I didn’t mention how I trained out mouthing and biting, but I used a similar technique to that. As soon as he mouthed or bit, playtime is over, I turn around and walk away. No more playtime or attention from me for a few minutes. Then we can start interacting again. It takes a long time, but it’s been effective. Dogs crave attention, and they’ll figure out all the attention stops when they do something you don’t like.


Good job!


Maybe you didn’t parse that comment quite right. By “getting the Stupid”, I meant the dog.

I didn’t mention children at all in that post, so if you meant something relevant you can say so.

Here’s a site to help parents teach children about reading dog body language and respecting a dog’s limits - . In the video Xeni posted, the beagle’s body language is mixed. The tongue-flicking indicates some anxiety. The rolling over onto his back is submissive behavior, showing that he means no harm and wants no trouble. NickyG is right about the baby grabbing the dog’s face. The person recording the video should have intervened immediately.

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I sincerely apologize for confusing you with NickyG.

That said, the recommendations of dog trainers have nothing to do with determining the most dangerous activities for babies.

Um, did it occur to you that dogs can unwittingly be the cause of babies falling down, you know, like bumping them, or even scaring them, or because of a myriad of scenarios? And please don’t ignore the recs of dog trainers. The good ones are working for humane ways for both of our species to understand each other and thrive. If you consider yourself on top of all things tech (it is 2015) you should know dog training and the understanding of dog behavior is keeping march with the times. This is not the world of living with dogs in the 1970’s or '80’s.

You’re right. It was LDoBe who asked, “if it was crazy to appreciate an animal who loves you with every last bit of strength it’s got”. My point was a six month old baby can’t and doesn’t have those emotions.


No problem because I agree 100% with NickyG.
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