Baby seal enters house through cat door, has a whale of a time

Originally published at: Baby seal enters house through cat door, has a whale of a time | Boing Boing

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He must have a really big or fat cat to have the need for a door to let something that big into his house.

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This has not helped change my mind that New Zealand is an actual magical fairy tale land.


That seal certainly picked the right house to get in!

Sealions are the dogs of the sea … but they’re wild dogs.

I went snorkeling with sealions once. I was just paddling along on the surface, looking down. The young sealions thought it was hysterical to swim down to the bottom, then turn and come up like a rocket, aiming straight for the bridge of my nose, before veering aside at the last moment. I’m pretty sure it was play rather than aggression – we later saw adult sealions acting aggressively, and that was unmistakable. But they didn’t let you forget that they were in their element and you weren’t in yours, and I did get repeated opportunities to see their rather impressive teeth perhaps a bit closer than I might have wanted.

They may look like cute water doggos, but I’d recommend treating sealions – and dogs, for that matter – with the same respect that you’d treat any powerful and potentially unpredictable animal.

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