Back button does not work in Android

Not sure if this is all android or just my Galaxy S3, but in the native browser, the back key doesn’t work.
Possibly something to do with the way that the URL is captured and stays static on but hitting the hardware back button or the browser back button when you are reading a thread should (I’m guessing) return you to the thread list page, but actually rolls the url back one and drops you at whatever you were reading before visiting the bbs.

What version of Android? We only support 4.1+.

That sounds like a much older version, with an older embedded browser.


What web browser? Default Chrome that comes in Android 4.1? What version?

I can’t repro this on my Nexus 7, 2012 or 2013 version.

I THINK its a samsung thing. It was the default browser on the phone

Yeah it’s hard for us to test with every possible Android browser. Can you use Android Chrome? That should work fine.

but its uglyyyyyyyyyyy :’(

Well if the back button is broken, that implies whatever that browser is, it is using a really old version of WebKit.

I have not seen this on Firefox, Opera, Dolphin or Chrome. As Jeff said, a very strong indicator that the engine driving your browser is ancient.

Yeah, but Samsung is youthier. So there is that.

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