Back to school time: 8oz vacuum insulated soup containers only $12

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I read that as SOAP container at first and was like you have bring your own soap to school?


In the past few years elementary school teachers have requested bottles of hand sanitizer as classroom donations. So we’re not that far off, I guess. The important thing is that we don’t restore funding to education (unless we’re talking about for-profit education, of course).

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The number of posts about how someone misread a headline lead me to wonder about the average reading comprehension level of the US. I’m not picking on you, or any one of us, I do it with our headlines all the time too.

Is it speed of scanning, or what?

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That and being at work with other distractions… add in how are brains are great at seeing patterns that are not there.

I have been read the riot act for putting cold spaghetti in a thermos once.

I hope the food cops slapped you with dishwashing duty for this travesty

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For most of us English is a second or third language after Russian.


Stdrazvoysia, tovarish!

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Um…yes! Straddle us to varnish!


I got chastised for not pre heating insulated container before adding the hot food.


Dunderhead! Nincompoop! Everyone knows you add another cup of water to the kettle so as to pre-heat the Enk-ling’s nutritional material container! You probably got treated to a few of these (if you were lucky!)

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Don’t do it. I’m convinced that stuff is very bad for your children.

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Agreed. But the teachers have never claimed that it was for the kids. I assumed it was for a covert dram after/during a long day.

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not keep the warm,this is bad

-the greatest one-star review of this product.

I used to have this set:

I quickly (purposely) lost the spork, I usually eat in the office and we have utensils here.

After a while I lost the smaller bottom portion, but I did not use it that often anymore anyway. More recently I also lost the big pot. I finally found it being used around the office:

The lid nowhere to be found…

I should get a new set but they are a bit too pricey for my taste.

I don’t mind that it doesn’t keep in heat, I do mind that it absolutely keeps in water/oils, never had any leaks. I also like that it is sturdy, I would have fully switched to re-use of glass jars long ago if they weren’t so prone to breaking if you bump or drop your bag.

Sometimes it is a bit hard to open, the locking system is quite unforgiving. The lid goes on the inside of the pot, it has some grooves that lock into the small nobs on the inside of the pot, you twist it close.

Come on, somebody had to.


I’ve wanted to try the Mr Bento, but I don’t currently have a need for it, plus all those nice dishes have to be prepared by someone, and that would be me.

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I have two, but for a nth grade lunch? Prepare to lose pieces.

All colors currently out of stock. :frowning:

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