Badass cover of "Pipeline" on Hawaiian slack key guitar


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Very nice.


Pipeline was originally recorded by The Chantays in 1962. Their version is far better known than Dick Dale’s cover.


Youtube played this after that one automatically … don’t know anything about it but I me likey. Thanks for this. I could listen to this channel all day I think.



WELL Dick Dale invented the surf guitar! So his head band pony tail combination is better!


I grew up listening to slack key. I was blown away when I heard Ali Farka Touré’s Cinquante Six. If I didn’t know Toure was west african (Mali), I would swear that was from the islands.


Man, this kicks all flavors of ass.

I even like the guy’s badass name:


I’m not a connoisseur, but I’ll trust your judgment.



Wow. Who was that?




That right hand technique…


Aloha mai kākou! This is all great stuff, mahalo, everyone, for posting. But since Led plays traditional Hawaiian music 99% of the time, I thought it would be good to have some of that here too. “I Kona” is Led’s signature song, and was written in 1929 by James Kelepolo (1864-1945) in gratitude for hospitality received on a visit. Lyrics below. (Short by Hawaiian standards!)

I Kona
composed by James Kelepolo

Aia i Kona kai ‘ōpua i ka la‘i
‘A‘ohe lua e like ai me ‘oe

Malihini mākou iā ‘oe i Kona
I ke kono a ke aloha no mākou

Ha‘ina ‘ia mai ana ka puana
‘A‘ohe lua e like ai me ‘oe

There at Kona are the cloud banks and calm seas
Second to none, you are incomparable

We are your guests in Kona
By invitation, with love for us

Tell the refrain
Second to none, you are incomparable


I ain’t never heard you play no blues


I like it but I’m still kind of disappointed. He’s a slack-key player, but he’s still playing a surf tune in a pretty standard surf tune way (it’s not automatically “slack key style” just because he’s playing in open-G on an acoustic.)



For some weird reason, totally reminded me of this:

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