Is this keyboard player the happiest person on the planet?


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Holy Fuck, I want their drugs. And that mustache is awesomeness.


I knew one if the guys that played guitar on a few of their sessions (Michael Deasy). You guys may be interested to know that this was an over the top inside joke band. They KNOW how pretentious and goofy they’re being. Sort of like a moderately tripped out adult version of The Archies.


wow a cheesy europop cover of a classic surf rock tune and tacky cultural appropriation all wrapped up in one package. it is awesome, amazing, wonderful and horrifying all at once.


In the thumbnail he looks more than a little bit like Doug Henning


Oh @frauenfelder the youtube rabbit hole you have sent me down…

ETA OMG smooth cheezy listening version of Pipeline


I swear I recall seeing this episode of Buck Rogers before.


I can dig, Righteous!


According to the always-informative youtube commenters, that is not The Incredible Bongo Band, but Tommy Seebach covering their song.


this one seems to be The Incredible Bongo Band for sure.

which appears to have been sampled and remixed by quite a few hip hop DJs
Grandmaster Flash

The Sugarhill Gang

And recently Fatboy Slim


It was mot “their” (Incredible Bongo Band)'s song - it was written by an Englishman and rrcorded first by Jørgen Ingmann.


Check out the documentary “Sample This: The Story of ‘Apache’ and The Incredible Bongo Band”. It is/was available on Netflix.


Is this keyboard player the happiest person on the planet?

If it’s possible to be way, way too happy, then yes.


All it needs is more cowbell.


That is Tommy Seebach (danish musical hero!) and here’s a version with better audio quality

And i learned today that it’s a cover song!


One that has been covered many times and sampled many more.


Though probably not quite so aware of how inappropriate and cringe-inducing they’re being.

(I’d like to say we’re all much wiser and more considerate now, but… America… president… :disappointed:)


This sounds a lot like it too (XL Junkie’s remix in 2001 for Ocean’s Eleven)…

Original here (Elvis recorded March 1968):

IBB recorded Apache in 1973.

Is it really similar or am I imagining things?


Ima go with smiliar… though there has always been stealing and remaking of riffs in music since there has been music.


You are quite right. However, the musically significant version is by Incredible Bongo Band. Their version is still being sampled to this day. The breakbeat on that track is one of the single most recognizable snippets of music ever recorded.