Badass Delvers of the Dragon: Round 1 – Cherry Gris


What do we need to do, and when?

Do we just start playing out our missions right now? When’s the deadline?

Can you pull together everyone’s cliches into a list somewhere for reference?


Just attempt the mission you choose: tell us what your character decides to do, and when push comes to shove, roll the dice against your most appropriate cliche. If you succeed, rinse and repeat. If you fail, someone else can tell us how it went wrong.

No deadline right now, I want to see how fast you all move. At worst, we’ll say two weeks from date posted.


Clarification: My understanding is that the difficulty must not be tied but exceeded to be a success - hence a roll of 6 would fail and a roll of 10 would be 4 caps? Although the thoughtfully provided odds table seems to indicate that a tie is success. Perhaps that keg of Moose Urine was destined for the Gilded Gosling after all?

Or is this different from mission to mission?

Awright amigos, I guess I’m on the hook for this one. Let me fix myself a drink (it’s 5 o’clock about 15 minutes east of here) and I’ll lay all out.

Good point. Fixed above.

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D’Melzaa, Silas, Avo and Shmu approach the Ridwhick Cavern Gates at a medium mosey. Silas is casually pulling a beach wagon covered with a tarp, while his hounds lope along beside him. Schim the Pangolean scurries along after, looking nervously left and right.

“The guards, the guards are going to see me! You think hiding under a tarp in a weird wagon is going to fool them! I’m the fool, why did I go with you?”

Even at this distance the guards give off that aura of being bored…but bitter about it. The worst kind of guys to try and sneak past.

“Because I Have a Foolproof Plan, Shim.”

“Schim! For the millionth time, SCHIM!”

“Quiet Shim! The guards will hear you! They can detect a Pangolean accent from 200 yards!”


Shmu glances at Avo. “Does the cart seem funny to you?”

“Why, I say, I think you’re right. The right wheel is riding most peculiarly! We’ll have to repair it before we pass through. Let me grab my tools. D’Melzaa, can you go distract the guards for a minute? Silas, help me lift the front of the cart. Good, here’s the wheel…Schim, please help out a minute, hang on to this axle. No, hold it there and there. Excellent, now I’ll see what’s going on with the wheel.”

Shmu nods, and the plan goes into action. He’s the challenger, and rolls his I Have a Foolproof Plan. Awright DiscBot, lemme have it!

@discbot roll 3d6

Avo used Tinker, Tinker, Tinker to prepare a perfect cart for our cunning plan. He’ll roll 3d6, with only sixes contributing.

D’Melzaa is using The Gift of Gab on the guards to help manage how they go about inspecting us. She’ll roll 4d6, with only sixes contributing.

Silas job is to startle Schim with his Unstable Squaddie act, and keep him startled until we’ve rolled him well past the gate. He’ll role 4d6, with only sixes contributing.

“Here we go.”

@Glutnix – shall we have everyone weigh in with some story for their part, or maybe just if they wind up contributing?



@Ratel the 3d6 dice reads: 10 (2,5,3)

@Ratel the 3d6 dice reads: 8 , with only sixes contributing. (1,6,1)

@Ratel the 4d6 dice reads: 15 , with only sixes contributing. (2,4,6,3)

Hmmm. DiscBot’s a little more aggressive about trying to find dice in a text than I thought. We’ll just ignore those other rolls. Guys…I’m sorry, but someone will have to come through for us. All we need is one of you to get a six, though.

@daneel @uphill @SteampunkBanana

D’Melzaa sidles over to the guards, catches their eye.

“Could I have a word with you about this inspection? I know there’s the rules, but I’m sure we can come to some kind of agreement…”

@discbot roll 4d6

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I think you have to quote the DiscBot command?

@daneel the 4d6 dice reads: 13 (3,4,3,3)

Apparently not? I’m confused.

“It would be our honor to join you. Ssstegma here has an allergy to fungal sssporesss…”

“I nevuh said that, Boss. They just give me the wind.”

“…and nobody wantsss that to happen, Sssteg. Shaddap, I’m talkin’ to a lady here.”

“Oh, excuse the ever-lovin’ spoor outta me, biped.”

“You wanna lose another dorsssal plate?”

“I know where you sleep, Pee-Wee.”

“Sssorry, ma’am. Sssomebody here needsss to evolve. Anyway, the toadssstool heissst isn’t blowin’ my ssskirt up, and sssomebody elssse already took off with the aardvark, ssso I’m happy to come check out what might be in the unmarked tunnels. I got thisss here Night-Ssseein’ Goggles sssetup (2) which really won’t be good enough to give me the roll I need by myself to find an un-surveyed passage (even if I roll 2 sixes, that’s just enough to lose), but! Maybe we can add my +2 dark-vision to your +4 Steerswoman’s knowledge. You’ve got a good chance to take an educated whack at finding the tunnel, and I might roll well enough to add a six or two. When it comes to fighting the giant insectsss (or any foe we meet down below), you and I together possessss seven (7) combined pointsss of Dirtyfighting prowesss. I bet we can’t lose! Whaddaya sssay?”


@Glutnix is there a master list of rules/guidelines somewhere? That would help a lot.

“Hey guys, I’m not sure this cart is going to work, there seems to be a wheel missing,” Schim looks puzzled as he holds onto the axle.

Silas grins then slowly and silently walks up behing Schim. “Boo!”

Come on sixes…
@discbot roll 4d6

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@uphill the 4d6 dice reads: 15 (2,4,5,4)

Are there any sixes on your dice?

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Sigh. Nope, looks like it’s all up to Avo now. If he doesn’t roll a six I’ll take the 2 point penalty and Shmu can try again.

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Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. If you lose dice it’s for the whole mission.

I’m away from a computer for today, so the thread is a little hard to follow, can I roll in tomorrow?