Badass Delvers of the Dragon: Round 2 – Kingsmen

Mission 2 - Kingsmen

“So they’re not the Overland King’s representatives?”

A thick trickle of lava slides through a something like a fireplace, heating this meeting room and creating an amazing lighting ambiance.

Schim shakes his head. “No, counsellor, and they wish to begin trading with us, against the King’s wishes.”

The robed counsellor turns towards the hot liquid rock. “This is less than ideal. The king refuses to parlay with us, and his subjects are ransacking our caves. If Brigvark falls, what will become of our people? Allies we need, but bringing the Kings’s axe down with them…” he sighs

“We must begin somewhere, Counsellor Zimbock,” reflects Schim. “Randaer, the elven one, is not to be trusted, and these people betrayed his trust and got me back here. We should at least trust them a little more.”

“You are right. Take care of them, and give them an opportunity to prove themselves trustworthy.”

Those who returned to The Cherry Gris with mushrooms meet with Randaer, the elven man who gave you your papers.

“Impressive! My gratitude to you all. There are many who have not returned and yet I did not think there would be so many. Are the caverns that treacherous? Or maybe it is Schim… No matter, I have many eyes on the caverns. If they show up, they shall be brought to accounts.”


For those who are in Brigvark: Additional Challenge:
If you return to Ridwhick, you may share with others the location of Brigvark and the secrets for entering safely.

  • Return to Ridwhick undetected (Difficulty 12. If unsuccessful: continue, but Randaer detects you)

1. Trading Places

The Pangolins of Brigvark need weapons to defend themselves against other delvers. Go above and obtain a cartload of something for the short scaly people of the under. Brigvark has given you goods to trade with. Teamwork 2-3


  • Get through Surface Customs with lots of weird pangolean stuff (Difficulty 10)
  • Trade your pangolean goods for weapons, tools, etc. (Difficulty 9)
  • Return it all to Brigvark (If detected by Randaer, Difficulty 12, otherwise Difficulty 7)

For those who haven’t been to Brigvark: Additional Challenge

  • Befriend/Coerce Location of Brigvark from another player (Difficulty 7)

2. Shiny Metal Wall

Sitting down for a bowl of grub gumbo with Schim, he mumbles something about a cold metallic wall in one of the caverns outside Brigvark. The pangoleans have not the ability to drill through it, and have concealed it well from the overlanders. Schim surmises that someone from the over might be able to get through.


  • Find the giant metal wall (Difficulty 6)
  • [wait for GM’s description of wall]
  • Pass through the wall? (Difficulty 10?)
  • Escape the wall? (Difficulty 8?)

[[ Sorry for the delay. Baby growing pains. Travel to a place with no cell coverage and the worst wifi on the planet. Trying to buy a house. Job interviews. Everything is conspiring against me. Your patience is commendable!

You all know the state of your characters. Rest a cliche for this round to restore it to its original state/value. ]]



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GlugGlut! Was about to ping you. Delays understood: take your time, I, at least, am in no rush.


Shmu: Avo, that wall sounds like your nut to crack…if that interests you. That would leave the rest of us to manage setting up an importing business for the scale-ra


Shmu: ts. This could be the start of a great new business venture! If someone can figure out a strategy for coming and for going, when it comes to trading for weaponry, I may know a guy.

Remind me again, the cliché only dropped if we used it and failed?

Was that true if I used it in support of a teammate who was the challenger?

“Oh, hey, there y’are, Boss! Where the hell you been?”

“Jury duty.”

“Lookin’ sharp, there.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. What’d I missss?”

“Sounds like a stumper, Boss. Smugglin’ fer the Pangoleans, or helpin’ Schim get through some metallic wall.”


“Any ideas?”

“Not yet. Gimme a few. Be back soon. I gotta check sssomething.”

“Don’t ferget to change outta that monkey-suit afore you crawl down the hole, or you won’t get yer deposit back.”

“Eh. It’s ssstolen.”


Clarification: It seems that since Schim was smuggled into Brigvark, the listed Round 2 missions require being in Brigvark to take on? Those currently in The Cherry Gris are left to their own devices for the moment? Or is Shiny Metal Wall potentially available for all?

Bowen wakes up. His head feels like a lump of lead as he crawls up from the dirt and gravel. All the surrounding encampments start to swivel into a slight blur, prompting Bowen to grab hold of a nearby wooden cart. Luckily, the craftsmanship was strong enough to hold him against it.

He glanced looked at some nearby formations, which he thought made up the Cherry Gris, but everything still meshed together. His headache didn’t stop him from regretting the fact that he missed the chance to explore those mushroom-laden grottoes. Those walls probably needed a good buffering for the sake of a few shelves and a mantlepiece.

The fuzz settles itself back into a cluster of tents. Bowen realizes that instead of being near the Cherry Gris, he was right back at the Gosling. Mineral lager sounded like a good idea right about now.

I do apologize for completely missing round one. Part-time work happened en masse. Am I still allowed to participate in round two? If so, do I need to rest any cliches I used in the tutorial round?

D’Melzaa is pondering her options…

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(( I’ll be honest, I’ve been scared to come back and run this game. Thanks for being patient. I need a little encouragement right now. Your positive feedback PMs have been very awesome, I love feedback! If you have it, I’ll take it! ))

@daneel: Yes, cliches only lose a point when used and that attempt failed. If you were supporting a team, resolve according to these rules.

@messana: If you’re not in Brigvark, you need to rendezvous with someone who has, according to the additional challenge. There’s some rolls they’ll need to make. I’m going to add another mission to make getting to Brigvark easier PLEASE HOLD!

@PromptedInk: Welcome aboard, Bowen. You are on the surface, and don’t know where Brigvark is. You’ve found someone’s paperwork allowing you to get into the cave. You’ll find your way to Brigvark.


I was gonna go after the wall. Do I need to get to Brigvark? Seems that because of this:

…that Schim could just take me to it.

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D’Melzaa’s had enough of sitting around. And Brigvark’s nice and all, but it’s a bit quiet. Needs more lizards. That SssubTerryNeon chap seemed to be quite a character. But he doesn’t know where Brigvark is.

D’Melzaa’s pretty sure she can get back through the tunnels. Just gotta get back into Ridwhick without getting noticed. Should be able to lift a key to one of the quieter gates off one of those bored looking guards.

Charismatic Raider (4)

@discbot - help! Remember us?

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@daneel, I understand:

@discbot roll d20 - roll a single 20 sided dice
@discbot roll 2d20 - roll two dice
@discbot roll 2d20+5 - roll two dice with a positive modifier
@discbot roll 2d20-5 - roll two dice with a negative modifier
@discbot roll d20 your extra text here - rolls and parrots back your extra text
@discbot hello - discbot will respond with a greeting
@discbot help - shows all discbot commands

After making her way back through the tunnels and up to the edges of Ridwhick, D’Melzaa spots a likely looking candidate, clearly a bit worse for wear for grog. The guard’s gate key is temptingly hanging from a loose hook on the back of his breeches.

@discbot roll 4d6

@daneel the 4d6 dice reads: 11 (1,3,3,4)

@discbot you suck.

@Donald_Petersen, or anyone else in Ridwhick - I can help you get to Brigvark, but I might have drawn a bit of attention to myself.

“Hey, Boss.”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“You got a hot lookin’ lizard-mama checkin’ you out.”

“Huh? Where?”

“Over there, just comin’ out the tunnel.”

“What, you mean behind the elf?”

“Dat green babe, right there, wit’ the pert cloaca and those saucy ventral venom-sacs.”

“That’sss an elf, dipshit. Nobody’s got venom-sssacsss like that. No lizard I know. Ssso firm and dangerous-looking…”

“Aw, hell, I’m sorry, Boss. All you green bipeds look the same to me.”

“She’s got a tail.”

“What? Naw, Boss, yer goggles need cleanin’. If she had a tail, I’d be askin’ her out myself.”

“Not a tail tail, walnut-brain. She’s got sssomeone followin’ her.”

“Wonder why.”

“Well, comin’ out of that tunnel, my guess is she’s fresh home from… what was that aardvark town again?”

“They’re not aardvarks, Boss, they’re Pangoleans. Show a li’l respect. And Brigvark’s the name.”

“Brigvark? You sure they’re not aardvarksss?”

“Not even close. Though I think they have nipples, like that elf-lady.”

“I bet she could help usss find that wall Schim was talkin’ about.”

“Why would she?”

“Well… maybe we can help her with that tail of hers.”

“Tail? Jeez, Boss, if she lost her tail, don’tcha think it might grow back on its own? Mine always does.”

“Not that kind of… never mind, let’sss go talk to her.”

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Tunnelweed begins to hum on a mouth harp.


Rolling: Follicle Spectacle (4) [Being covered in whiskers makes one good, good, good at picking up vibrations].

@discbot roll 4d6 for Follicle Spectacle (4)

@funruly the 4d6 dice reads: 15 for Follicle Spectacle (4) (5,4,5,1)