Badass Dragon Scavengers of the Void - Round 5 - Intermezzo


Theodore ‘Golden shorts of warmth and humidity’ Trump video-radios in his orders from Mar-a-Lagoon nebula, where he is currently enjoying a fine open-air meal of little sausages, resting comfortably on the veranda, hosting dignitaries from across the Spiral Arm. He can be seen using a diamond studded toothpick to pick up the last lil’ smokey off a golden plate.

“DOWN WITH STATUS QUO! I came to eat tiny sausages and smash societel norms. All sausages gone! This is gonna be YUUUUUUGE!”

@Kassandra SUBMIT

  > iotrap.newliminted: 0xccca1c917d4222cf1ae26bd24f0ba091caa7216d

“Roger that, newliminted! Your orders now on file for this round are:”

✔ mission 6


Early Mission Analysis

We each need to choose one of six distinct specializations. Each of our two groups should have at least one from each specialization. We don’t all have the same capacities. For example, only five of us are qualified to be Wardens.

This table summarizes the situation, but it is hard to read. If the stat of a scavenger is not with two points of what is required for that specialty, it is omitted (–).

Dg Wr Rc Gr Sc name

– 28 23 – -- Hans Landau
32 – 23 23 19 Tom Ratchetcrank
30 – 25 – 24 Spike Green Arm
25 – 23 32 – Tex Ass
– -- – 32 18 Quirky Kumquat
34 – 28 – 21 Browf Clamphoof
27 – -- 28 21 Vi Locke
– 36 – – 24 Omicron Nu Pi, PhD
– 26 – 29 23 Theodore Rump

Dg Wr Rc Gr Sc

27 – -- 25 18 Dottie
– 33 33 – -- Coccinea M Ornatus
– -- 23 35 27 Ester
23 – -- 25 18 Galacto Hardenhoof
– 27 – -- 18 Seelo Lionoppolis
– -- – 32 21 Mark Watney
– -- – 35 – Brian
– 37 23 – -- Heironymoose Warnsforth
Dg Wr Rc Gr Sc

Dg [=] Digger
Wr [=] Warden
Rc [=] Recon
Gr [=] Guardian
Sc [=] Scholar

Vi Locke and Spike Greenarm from the first group have chosen for mission 1 (Digger), while Tex Ass and Theodore Rump have chosen Mission 6 (Iconoclast). In the second group Heironymoose Warnsforth has chosen Mission 2 (Warden) and Brian has chosen MIssion 4 (Guardian).

If you have the stats to be a Warden, you should seriously consider doing so as we need at least two (one for each group) and only 5 are qualified.

I’ll try to keep up with the mission declarations so that we can keep balanced.

Be safe out there!

–Hans “guvnor?” Landau



“Kassandra! Wait! Stop!! LOOK! The Black Swan has a CinnaBon booth on her Leda deck! Go back! Go back!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”


I’m pretty well set on POW, if someone wants to trade I could give up a blaster for DEF and take on warden.


This is not quite true, as a SCI of 21 certainly is over the 20 limit. Not to mention the fact that I have credits to buy into any of the other options if necessary.

As always, I like to let others make their decisions and go where needed. I’m selfless like that. Just like on Mars.

And speaking of Mars, I think Tex Ass (@Donald_Petersen) should go by any of the names I gave him while waiting around. “That Sonofavbitch.” Or “Dirty Lizard.” Or “Disco Lover.”

Hans (@bizmail_public) is obviously The Accountant, given his love of numbers, organization, and those little green visors.

Oh, hey, Browf (@Glutnix), I like the look of that potato. Let me know if you need any recipes.


Thinking on one’s own is not always the best moose quality, I hear you Hieronymoose @wisconsinplatt & Hans @bizmail_public

From my tinetacular math I think that the scholar mission 5 is the best for points, giving 9 skill points overall and that those eligible should go that route. It even provides as much EVA and SEN as those specific specialties, however, we would lose balance across all missions, and we know that covering all bases is key in critical attacks.

The only mission I can take without buying equipment is mission 4, so I will idle my way over to that group for now. Since there are 17 of use should we aim for at least 3 on each path? Since Brian and Mark and Hieronymoose are most likely covering mission 4, if Theodore @newliminted declines his funds back I can purchase my way into mission 1, and would need to borrow funds to achieve mission 5

@Kassandra SUBMIT
PAY @newliminted 46

  > iotrap.rkt88edmo: 0x7ca0a2ad37505ddd73737781faddf08a61254887

“Roger that, rkt88edmo! Your orders now on file for this round are:”

✖ pay @newliminted 46 
   [ERR] Player '46' does not appear to exist in this reality. :(
✔ mission 4



I know that I’m no mathematician, but I’m having trouble reconciling your numbers to what Kassandra posted… Where’d you get those stats?



@Kassandra SUBMIT
PAY 46 @newliminted

  > iotrap.rkt88edmo: 0x81f0fae96802bfee2e51c5d7feac475004db973f

pay @newliminted 46
mission 4

“Roger that, rkt88edmo - the above orders have been discarded. Your new orders on file are:”

✔ pay 46 @newliminted
✔ mission 4


The table is supposed to reflect the stats posted at the top of this topic. However, my transcription circuits rely on my most venerable and unreliable biologic components and are thus highly error-prone.

I appreciate error checking.

Could you please give me a few examples so I can correct the post?


–Hans Landau


I have 21 SCI, which can make me a SC. I also have >$190 credits with no stat under 17, making me viable for any role as needed.

Just like on Mars, where I was the world’s foremost librarian, music critic, cook, driver, investment banker, and botanist.


F’rinstance; The only stats I have that are above the minimum requirements for the missions listed are DEF 36 (Warden) and SCI 24 (Scholar). I don’t see that in your calcs. Maybe I’m lookin’ at it from the wrong angle?


straight transcription error on my part. I also had a mistake on Vi.
Thanks for the corrections – keep 'em coming!


“Welp, looks like we’re specialising in that boom boom POW”, said Browf.

“You can keep that boom boom away from me, but as you request,” said Dakota. “I don’t get why they won’t open the repair shop for our suits, it’s not like we’re doing much waiting as we travel between these derelict vessels. Well at least there’s upgrades!”

BUY Defense_Upgrade
BUY Defense_Upgrade
BUY Defense_Upgrade

@SteampunkBanana “Hey ‘Astro-Wat’ Watney, you’re flush with juice… if you want this analytical_potato, I would sell it to you, for the right price…?”

  > iotrap.glutnix: 0x017c294063e8bf4e006f30d7aa27d3651e8e8e9a

“Roger that, glutnix! Your orders now on file for this round are:”

✔ mission 1
✔ buy defense_upgrade
✔ buy defense_upgrade
✔ buy defense_upgrade


As always, I like to confer with the tubers themselves. What’s the potato say?



"Guardian? Like, of the galaxy? Boy, that sounds swell. And I do love a monitor. Monitor? Huh, ‘monitor’? Right?

Tap, tap

“Is this thing on?”

@Kassandra SUBMIT