Badass Dragon Scavengers of the Void - Round 5 - Intermezzo





Seelo? ( @SeaLion ) Man I know that magazine had some provocative aquatic mamals pictures in there…but did you really need to stay in your bunk the entire last mission.


OK then, Pee-Pants.

Wait, no. How’s about I call you Li’l Smokie? Y’know, what with those li’l fingers that can’t seem to pick up much stuff while you’re supposedly scavenging with the rest of us.


I love those things. Sweet, salty, smoky, meaty. Much better than smoked or grilled eel.


… 00000001

“We have scientific notation for a reason,” said Dakota.


So you’re a Sausage Favouring Vulgarian?



“It’s gotta be Tex Ass Tea,” exclaimed Browf. “Blackened, old, bubbling and crude. That describes you pretty well, Tex!”


"I’m really sorry, banana man… But don’t worry, I’ll get Dakota to fix it…

“assuming it can be fixed… What did this thing do anyhow?”, passing it to Dakota.

“ITS PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIIIIIOOOOORRRMMMMmmmmm…”, the weird banana thing exclaimed in a whining grind.

Surprised, Dakota says, “Oh there it goes, and there it goes…”

"Maybe your call sign should be “PBJ”, Mr Banana!


Browf pipes up again: “You. Mr Rump. Your hair keeps coming off to one side. I’ma call you ‘Orange Peel’… How’s that for… your diminutive size?”


Mr. T. Rump is HUUGGGE.

It’s only his fingers that are diminutive.


Browf? Glacto? It appears as if the time has come to choose our specialization.

For the good of the herd, I feel the defense capabilities of the of this suit has placed me in line to be a Warden. Perhaps not the path I’d have chosen, but it is the path that I must take. Perhaps some additional power strengthening as well as this suit seems to have me at the bottom compared to all of our fellow Scavengers.

Yes, yes, I do have a spreadsheet in front of me.

So, as our Fore-Bulls did before us during the great Beaver Uprising on Calgary Prime, I shall take the black. This I Will Defend.

BUY Power_Upgrade
BUY Power_Upgrade
BUY Defense_Upgrade
Mission 2

  > iotrap.wisconsinplatt: 0x12615123f242ed3b6e6f03f17c8e23c2e51168c0

“Roger that, wisconsinplatt! Your orders now on file for this round are:”

✔ buy power_upgrade
✔ buy power_upgrade
✔ buy defense_upgrade
✔ mission 2


Scholar or Warden? Scholar… Warden… Scholen… Wardar… Warlen… Schodar… Swarden…Charwarscholendrrrrrrr… wuhhhhhhhhh…

Maybe I’ll watch that video playback I salvaged while I decide.

Space Mutiny, eh? Isn’t that interesting…


I’ve got this fancy sensor array and it seems a shame not to use it.


  > iotrap.uphill: 0x63224a37d2a84693cca5b125beb25bb8cc995c5c

“Roger that, uphill! Your orders now on file for this round are:”

✔ mission 4


Buttgrabber? Grandpa said that was Grandma’s call sign. So nobody can have that one. Grandma told everybody what Grandpa’s callsign is too, but I’m not allowed to say that.


Digger it is. While I don’t mind keeping an eye on the EMF bands, who doesn’t like zapping asteroids until they disintegrate?

It seems like “That Doesn’t Look Like Anything to Me” Ester would be a great guardian, provided the threats don’t remind her of you know what.

But relax, if any baby space eels come back, I’m a rather good shot. I just need “Eel Poker” Spike to distract them for me.


  > iotrap.gwwar: 0xa7f91bfa7399284207c799b39f02f1b6746551e1

“Roger that, gwwar! Your orders now on file for this round are:”

✔ mission 1


He looked more like “Eel Bait” than an “Eel Poker” to me


Never tell me the odds.