Badass Dragon Scavengers of the Void - Round 5 - Intermezzo


I don’t remember when my birthday is, but I think it’s in Novober. Or maybe Tuesday. I have to ask Grandpa. But he’s still not invited.

Who can come to my birthday? Let’s see…


After a brief consultation with Hans “Philosolobster” Landau, I’ve come to a decision about my scavenging path. It’s a Scholar’s life for me.

@Kassandra SUBMIT
Mission 5

  > iotrap.monkeyoh: 0xe521a5b0c4687cb5d0fa47131f13aa3050bd50fe

“Roger that, monkeyoh! Your orders now on file for this round are:”

✔ mission 5


Flicks tail


Clicks claws on the bulkhead


Flicks tongue


@Old @Kassandra

“I am prepared to accept Princess Rembrandt as my call sign.”


Hm - can’t seem to find a syntactically correct set of orders in there. I’ll let the boss know.


So, @Kassandra - do you have any moving parts, or are you built like a solid-state shithouse?


@Kassandra SUBMIT

  > iotrap.penguinchris: 0x9f4e0fad14b6ce434aa08d193dce97f0f3b81bfe

“Roger that, penguinchris! Your orders now on file for this round are:”

✔ mission 5


So, I’ve seen a lot of good names bandied about, who starts a poll, the person themselves?


  • Princess Jabbers
  • The Martian Manurehunter
  • Watney’s Red Bowel
  • Tater Farmer
  • Jetsam
  • Astro-Wat

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At least somebody offered you a callsign.



You make an excellent point, Princess. And, as someone who has an opinion on the matter, let me follow your lead:

Hans “Community Organizer” Landau
Tom “Perfectly Normal” Ratchetcrank
Spike “Ten Gallon” Green Arm
Tex “$#%*@” Ass
Quirky “Pencils” Kumquat
Browf “Racks” Clamphoof
Vi “Grillz” Locke
Omicron “Snuffles” Nu Pi, PhD
Theodore “Snausages” Rump
Dottie "Sparkles"
Coccinea “Shiny!” M Ornatus
Ester "Lethe"
Galacto “Tinker” Hardenhoof
Seelo “On Record” Lionoppolis
Brian "TRS-80"
Heironymoose “Roosevelt” Warnsforth


“I don’t want a call sign based on an object I happened to scoop up on the last mission. I don’t even care about that damned potato,” said Browf. “Have you managed to turn the voice off?”

“Here you go,” said Dakota, passing the analytical potato back to Browf. “Turned out all I needed to do was order it to disable it’s voice.”

Now there’s a name fit for a moose! Racks! I LOVE IT!


Just be glad it wasn’t an Emo Potato - those won’t accept orders and whine all day.

Say, that reminds me of Watney…


Omicron “Snuffles” Nu Pi, PhD


These would appear to be the charming suggestions my shipmates have made as nicknames for me.

  • Suckulent
  • Eel Poker
  • Eel Bait
  • Princess Pricklepants
  • Ten Gallon

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Don’t be a hater. We can’t exactly call you Dr. Doctor, can we?


Can’t you see she’s burning, burning?


I believe the preferred moniker is “Professor.”

Indeed, for the rigorous training Omicron underwent, the correct appellation is “Herr Professor Doktor” - but “Professor” is fine here in the informality of the outer systems.

– Hans “philosolobster” Landau


Professor Dr. Doctor?

Things were easier when I was in grad school.