Badass Dragons of the Wasteland - Round 2 Results! (at long last)

~Clank checks for those two buckets of scrap metal that were supposed to be used for screamer bait, hoping he remembered to actually throw them out at the right time, but planning (in case he didn’t) to see if they might somehow be useful as upgrades for those fellow drivers whose rides didn’t make it through the last mission.~

I got me 3LPs that I somehow saved from the last payout, I’m prepared to share what I got left to help out them as didn’t ~chokes back a sob~ make it back.

((ooc: @penguinchris @JonasEggeater I don’t know if it came through with all the accounting and confusion toward the end of the last thread, but I got a small refund from Stretch based on mechanic work I had paid him for that I could have done myself.))