Badass Dragons of the Wasteland - Round 2

I see we have some people calling for mission 2 now. Seeing as I’ve got a bit of EN, and the other groups seem to be overcrowded, I’ll join on that group too. I won’t be flying solo, off course. But it’s hard to find out which groups there are, ya’ll have been talking so much! Sorting out the mission preferences between the mechanics talk was impossible.
It sounds like Jane’s group is the most solid of the mission 2 lot. I’d suggest other mission 2 takers join us then. With @Solomon joining us we might actually be able to haul some of those weapons with us. We’re going to be needing those weapons later on if we have any hope of goin’ to mars.
I believe I heard @kingannoy and @Mister44 mention mission 2 as well or am I crazy? Sounds like we got one of each then… But I wouldn’t mind having some extra backup along… So if anyone’s still lookin’ for a mission, we need ya!

Just to keep everything clear in one post:
I got myself 100%‘d by dear ol’ Stretch here for 8 LP’s (4 for the kit and 4 for the HP’s I was missing) and I bought myself :

  • 1 chain gun
  • 1 light plating
  • 1 plumbing upgrade
    (I can’t turn off the carbon fiber hood, eep!)
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General Announcement

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your creativity, enthusiasm, and patience! This has been a tough Round, but you all have definitely made the work worthwhile. A few RL events have caused delays these past couple of days (a long-planned family trip to Disneyland, a dinner party, school events for my kids, etc.) so we’re a bit delayed getting the Results of Round Two out to you, though Round Three’s story and Missions are largely written, and will follow close on the heels of the Results, unlike last time.

So thanks for your patience, and we’ll get this stuff out to you as soon as we can.


I don’t know if I scrooged things up on my order, but if I did, please, please don’t kill me dad!!!

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I'm totally fine with you GMs pacing yourself and attending to RL 

I totally appreciate the heads up

If you’ll have me, I’ll take @webiii1976 as a repairer. 3LP for my 30HP to get me to 75%? I want you mechanics to get powered up so you can start repairing us 100% ASAP.
(no idea if that’s even how that works, but happy to pay the healbots)

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As someone once said…

Wha’ happened? Did I died? did I died?

Cougar (@Donald_Petersen) , I’m not so sure Disneyland is all that family friendly these days, but it might very well make a good source of salvage - hopefully there’s a source of petrol around there. I don’t know about the others, but I don’t have too much fuel on board. Is Anaheim hopelessly out of our way?


Do you know for sure that there’s a stash of fuel there? That’s not something I’d heard, but if true it may be useful. It is out of our way, but we may need to send some scouts over there to find out. That’s going to be a risky trip though. There are a couple of small airports just ahead along our route, but since those are more obvious targets for fuel stashes, they are more likely to have already been scavenged. We’ll have to see.

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You want gas you find a parking garage or a mall parking lot and start walking the aisles with a garden hose and a gas can. Pretty much how I got here from Detroit. You hit an empty car once in a while but there are enough with gas still in them that it shouldn’t take more than an hour or so to get a full tank. Just too much work to drain each individual car for the big time fuel horders to bother with like they did the gas stations and airports.


Hmm, well… in that case, there is a massive parking structure and parking lots at Disneyland, so that’s something. Although, “massive parking structure and parking lots” describes about 50% of Orange County.

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Sounds like we have some side work to do. How are you at sucking on a garden hose Jane?


No comment


Government units are also good for fuel. Police stations with vehicle servicing, other town facilities. The security and emergency services had contingencies for civil unrest; although it is quite possible they didn’t consider the dead capable of unrest; but in every conurbation, in every country, these services were designed to function almost come what may. Some places with a little bloody tyrant with a moustache, some with benevolent dictators.

Not forgetting the good old reservists. They’re always good for lots of shiny stuff. Anywhere that might need to run portable generators - hospitals, that kind of thing. Go-kart tracks … the local bloody arsonist … marinas … all sorts.

Just one of those things you pick up in basic training. Where to get stuff. Lovely, shiny, useful stuff.

Airfields and so on will be terrific for Jet A1. Possibly also for things that fly.

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The hoarders and resellers stripped most of those places bare. I’ve seen them myself, huge convoys of tanker trucks surrounded by an armada of armored personnel carriers to defend the haul. They run out and collect it and run it back to the Gulf of Mexico. They’ve got a fleet of tankers out there filled to the brim with oil, diesel, and gas. They hit the refineries and storage facilities first, then the airports and military installations. The last few years they have been going city to city hitting every gas station, police station, bus depot, and hospital. I don’t imagine they are down to individual cars yet but give them time. See they aren’t just hanging onto the petrol, they are reselling it, whatever you can barter for they will take, and they will charge a dear price.

I saw a few of my hometown boys out around Louisville get in these guy’s way. I stayed back in a cutoff and watched them pass by. My buddies were gunned down like dogs. If you get in the way of the convoy they just open fire. It ain’t pretty.

If they haven’t gone through here yet we can try some of the local municipal services like you said, but someone I ran into out in Boulder said that had already swept the West clean, working their way through Canada right now.


Mmmm. Bad form in a crisis to gouge. Had a little trouble in the Gobi back in '15 with some nasty devils along these lines. Negotiated sweetly with them for a day or so, secluded spot near Myangan Yamaat, really had to press on cross-country to Uliastai, they didn’t feel like sharing, so our little jolly brightened up their evening with some 40x46 SR, took what we needed (never more), and blew the rest up.

They were so out of the way I wonder if they’ve avoided everything going on! Bet they’d bloody remember me!

Any sailors about then?

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Are you sure this Ark is going to get us to Mars? You’re braver than I thought.


I’m not sure, but I’ve heard tales of a hide-out called Mauschwitz. Tales told of a cannibal gang going by the name of the Cast Members. Might be risky, but the rewards might be great.


OOC: I’ve finished up a script that displays your stats in a more human friendly view. Have fun:
or just (if you want to tinker with code)


That is way sexxy.

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@Garg Sure you got yerself a deal Long Haul Raul!

Just let me see where did I put that Mule-tool-set… here it is! Now let me see here…

Ah yeah this is going to be a little tricky - but it’s nothing a BUM like me cant handle! I’ll have ya ready to go in time for your mission…