Badass Dragons of the Wasteland - Round 2

OOC: @penguinchris and I are still waiting for mission selections from @patrace, @blckjckdavey, and @William_Holz (I know that @William_Holz said he was busy though), but we’ve got some work to do before we get to their names on the [spreadsheet][1]. Anyhow, if we haven’t gotten forms from them by the time their names are reached, then it seems that they’ll have to sit this one out. Everybody else has at least submitted something.

Everything else said in the past 12 hours has been taken into consideration (unless I missed something). Anyways, everybody ought to check the spreadsheet and make sure that my numbers match the ones that you all came up with.


((ooc: @penguinchris @JonasEggeater This sounds to me like a variation on a repair, with the specific limitation that it can only be used to restore (and perhaps not even fully) attribute points lost to amputations.

As a suggestion, this could entail some “special negotiations” w/ Stretch (read: costs plates) or a specific sort of salvage gleaned from a mission.

I don’t think this skill should be unique to Clank, he was just the one who suggested a possibility based on the personal experience of the character.

Of course, these are just ideas. However we work this out is fine with me :smiley: ))

I must have missed something, if I have 6 plates left over. Was getting back to 100% a cost of 1 LP after the 4 LP spent on the repair kit?

If that’s the case, I’d like to spend 5 LP on new tires to increase the MV and the last 1 LP on window bars.

Sorry. It’s corrected now.

It’s cool. My math was right the first time then? Mechanics we make friends with can repair us to 75% on the cheap and then it’s 1LP/1HP to get back to 100%?

It’s 1 LP per 2 HP from the shop, so that means:

  • 4 LP for the parts kit
  • 2 LP for @webiii1976’s repairs (up to 23.25 HP, which we round up to 24)
  • 3 LP for Stretch’s work (since you have 7 HP left to repair, we divide 7 by 2 (HP per LP), which gives 3.5, which we round down to 3), to bring you to full HP

I put 2 LP towards a +3 AR, and 2 LP towards a +2 EN.

Which totals to 13 LP

So it looks like I messed up again, and you actually have 4 LP remaining.


In that case, let’s pretend I’m on that old gameshow, Wheel of Fortune:

“Umm, I guess I’ll take the chaingun for three license plates, I promised the kids I’d bring home something for them and while I like the look of that end table I think I’m going to have to go for the window bars for one license plate.”

Anything left over I guess I’ll just take a gift certificate for. Thanks for the explanation, this thread got a little long pretty fast.

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Done and done.

Or would you like to trade your order for what’s behind one of these three doors?


~ lights pipe, ponders ~

Good bloody job on the Zombiemanship, top score alright, one piece, just about. No place for the Frith-Morteroy Counter at the marina though; touch of luck and we’ll be through. Whole thing looks tougher than an elephant’s hide, but that’s the point really eh?

Don’t go soft now. Stay focused. Enjoy the fun. Good sportsmanship and that. It’s not bloody Londonderry. Bit Kandahar, mind.



Oh dear, did I miss everything? Momo nodded off there for a bit after her bridge game. I can’t count this LP without my glasses on, just be a dear, repair what you can and point me toward Mission 1a.


Oh no, I’m not ending up with that cake eating goat again, that was a disaster of Cleveland proportions.

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What’s that, Mo? You can’t blaze through 253 posts in this thread?

There there… if @penguinchris and @JonasEggeater can get you over there in time, they will. If they cannot, why, just sit a spell here by the pizza oven and wait for the boys & girls to get back.

And look: there’s cocoa!


I think you mean 1b Momo. Don’t worry, I’m looking out for you. Wouldn’t want you toddling off to attempt 1a on your own. Although somehow I don’t doubt you would come rolling back into camp victorious.


((occ: Could always assign each mechanic the ability to repair one lost attribute. That would certainly make things more interesting. Although then we are getting more complicated and things are probably about as complicated as a game of this sort should get in the first place))

BBQ Calamari, Terrestrial squid. Dinner.



Folks that want to talk extensively about OOC issues, such as balance and gameplay mechanics and post-apocalyptic-Friedman-economics-analysis, are cordially invited to the ample discussion, and it is ample, going on in the meta thread.

There’s some amazingly highbrow commentary going on over there (not by me) by some surprisingly low brow people (totally me), and there’s also some measure of reassurance that Cougar is, in fact, not trying to kill us all.

Only me.

Now, there might be things you might consider mild spoilers. (I do). So if that’s a consideration, you’ve been made aware.



A nice young gentleman has invited me on Mission 3. That’s where I’d like to go.


By all means go to whichever mission you would like Momo, you just said you would go to 1a, I was suggesting you come around back with the rest of us, didn’t want to leave you knocking on the front door on your own.


Everyone’s on their way back, Momo. Finish your cocoa, and I promise I’ll have them wake you before anything exciting happens.

We certainly have a big job for you coming up in a few hours!

(Psst… Hey, Knife… if you have a cycle or two to spare, can you set Momo’s watch forward a day or so? She’s got a lethal history like you wouldn’t believe, but we need her to get to Missions on time, and I haven’t the heart to scold her about it. No, seriously, she has a collection of hearts in a mason jar in her trunk, and I can’t spare the one I’ve got.)