Badass Dragons of the Wasteland - Round Seven Prologue

Without Clank, we won’t be able to repair enough to push the ark much further. Plus, Clank’s had my back this whole sad trip since Riverside, I’m not going to abandon him now.

Cougar will go after, and return with her son. Whether or not anyone goes with her. Bet on it.

Although I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t have some help. It’s no good having a license to kill if you can’t, you know, actually kill. I suspect one fine English Gentleman will want to wipe that egg off his erudite face.

Marion is critical. I’ve still got a Zima left to offer the Driver that comes back with Blazer’s license plates. He’s the turncoat, I’m sure. That whole story about Blazer being a victim of Toecutter and Toecutter being afraid of Blazer?

Bullshit, all of it, or enough of it to matter. Blazer may have once been mad at Toecutter, but clearly Toejam made an offer to pursuade Blazer.

And, don’t trust a damn thing Toecutter sez. Remember he also said he killed Max.