Badass Dragons of the Wasteland - Round Six



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Okay, Junior, I’ll be coming along for the ride to Burbank. You either clean your cab up, or I’m keeping my distance, mind.

I think this is my shopping, awaiting confirmation from @JonasEggeater or @penguinchris as to how many LPs we really have.

25 LP to start with.

-8LP to UAW for 26RP to get to 100%
-10LP for the Bumper Turret for +20AR
-2LP for a finger. Since that’s now 1LP I guess I have one left over.
-5LP to Doc Hollywood for +10EN
(GMs, can I use that last LP for one more EN boost?)

To anyone who goes on Mission 2 and thinks about trading in, caveat emptor:

I’m not spending Dorcas’s LPs yet, I have no idea what’s happening with them.

Is anyone else concerned that we are still pootling about in the same areas? Are we ever going to get to Edwards? It’s a bloody long way away at this rate. Hey, Cain @Donald_Petersen Where exactly is the Ark nowadays?

We’re making progress. The Ark is right next to the Hollywood Bowl, roughly equidistant between the two studios. The Citadel is some ten miles behind us. I’ll update the Mission post to reflect fuel costs, since I forgot to do that, but I figure Mission One is 20 miles 30 miles round trip (edit: I looked it up) and the other two are 10 miles round trip.

We kind of have a “hard out” by April 14, since I’ll be starting a very time-consuming job around then. I think we’ll only have three or four more rounds after this one.

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Haha! Bloody vampires eh? Swiss Air Force used 'em for yonks - I never actually thought they were that fast.

You did mean the ones on the left, yes?

Mission 3 then, and blood guts and glory! Who’s coming along??


I used to play Poker up in Hollywood with a dude named Ed. He was one helluva card shark, and when it came to owing him money he could get down right evil…

But the last time we played I beat his paired up big slick with a full house of 7’s over 2’s, and Ed was pissed! He splashed all his chips in the pot, and flipped the table over as he stood up! The S.O.B. screamed in my face that I would be sorry and then jumped out of the closed third story window, smashing straight through the glass! I never got to cash out those chips for LP’s…

This guy still owes me:

So I’ll be going to Hollywood for sure, and I want some big time payback!


Wash ( @JonasEggeater) suggested to me a couple days ago that everyone who ran a mission last round should have an additional 25 LPs, but not sure, I don’t trust that guy.

(sorry for the ambiguity… please assume you have 25 LPs more than the sheet says, if that’s wrong we’ll take care of it out of Wash’s LP stash)

The problem for me seems like I never got the ones taken out from the last mission…

Yeah, like nana says, I still have the total from before the last round. So I guess everyone does.

Damage from Rd 5 hasn’t been applied either.

You’re playing cards with Jack (@funruly). You need a dealer.

I spent some time in Atlantic City long, long ago when I was working in a local college town. Some say I was counting cards, but I’ll never admit to it. That said, I do enjoy card-based games of chance. And I happen to have this perfectly ordinary deck right here [one-handed shuffle] that I would see fit to using to help you both get to the bottom of this [riffle shuffle]. So I tell you what, you let me know what you want to play and we’ll get to the bottom fairly quickly [strip shuffle]. Blackjack? Texas Hold 'Em? Go Fish? Mexican Stud?

Pick your poison. [fans cards out]

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Well, I’ve bloody spent mine. Cleaned out Perky’s glovebox (lovely thing, that is! Glovebox! No drinks holders, no useless device connectors, just about room for a pair of racing gloves and an oil-stained copy of “Potter on Gamesmanship”). Didn’t find any LPs in there.


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Difficult with two. Plus you gents can play among yourselves, I’d recommend a variant of Honeymoon Bridge.

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Seven Card Stud?


[riffles deck, fans them across a green felt blanket from the trunk of the Cobra now laid out on the hood] Certainly. Let me find my green visor, I think it’s around here somewhere…

Jack (@funruly), do you agree to a game of Seven Card Stud for Dorcas’ plates?

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I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! I went and picked Billy up so I’ll keep him him covered on Mission1.

Er, pass the glue, would you?

MMMmmmmm! Mother’s milk!


where the heck is that spreadsheet showing our current stats, again?

I can’t find the link


Stud? No. Good try, Gonville @daneel.

Stud works if the game allows the player to adjust their risk by controlling when they will raise, hold, or fold. Given that we have a set pot we are competing for, we will not ante each round. Thus, stud would only favor the more lucky fellow, and that’s clearly you, Prince Charming.

What matters is knowing what to hold and when to throw away. No antes, no folds.

5 card draw is the game.

You do know we’re closer to Vegas than Monte Carlo, right?


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