Bagpiper drowns out ranting street preacher

Salmond (the eminence grise) and Obama have quite a lot in common if you done arx me. Sturgeon’s fishy too (HAH!). The weren’t called the Tartan Tories back in the day for nowt, despite their leftie protestations in May. I don’t trust that fucker, and I reckon he’ll be jockeying for position at the top again soon.

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how the hell

does Gregory and the from guy Zirp get that buzzy lower, sota kinda following the lead string but still sounds independent sound. It isnt a drone. It sounds more like uilleann regulators. Is there another mechanism besides the key hitting one string?

I need to investigate this. It is driving me mad. We I saw Zirp I thought he must have a second course of keys but the videos of Greg show plainly it doesn’t need to. Don’t tell me its all right arm…


Shit, multiple melody strings, several tangents, and you engage strings with speed and pressure on your right arm.

Fucking hell. Our gurdy looks downright medieval.

So many heathens here!

So try these on:


I’ve been to a couple of weddings with bagpipers. They traditionally stand a long way away when they play. “Go way over there so we can barely hear you”.

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In Melbourne one summers Friday evening after work I was walking around. A beautiful warm evening. Everyone looking happy, going off to have a beer or a dinner or just shopping. It was one of those moments when all looked good in the world.

And a nutcase was standing on a chair with a big poster. Yelling at passers by to repent for their sins. To beg forgiveness from the Lord. That without Him they were destined for Hell. etc.

And at the moment I had a huge desire to counter-nutcase him. Stand up on a chair next to him, and rave about what a beautiful day it was, and you should enjoy each others company. Kiss the one you love. Drink some good wine. Go home have hot sex. Forget the Guilt that guy wants you to feel and just enjoy this beautiful place on this beautiful day amongst these wonderful people.

But I’m not brave enough for that.


If I ever see you there exhorting like that, I’ll happily drop a 20 in your hat.


To counter that story of yelling asshats, one winter afternoon in Melbourne we encountered a bagpiper playing Jesus Christ Superstar whilst dressed as Cookie Monster. :smiley:

Also, obligatory Aussie bagpipes:


There was a young guy who busked the bagpipes around the Bourke St Mall for a few years. In the end he got banned at the request of shop keepers. He scared away business.

You did that too? fistbump!

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You guys keep saying Hurdy-Gurdy, and I keep thinking of this guy:

Because my family refers to the various war machines one man bands wear as “hurdy-gurdies”. I kinda need to come up with a different word for that now. Didn’t have any idea the real hurdy-gurdy existed in the first place.


Thanks. I went into a trance state and lost all concept of time for at least an hour after that.


SG- Do you play or appreciate the pipes, harmonium or other instruments?

Not a lot know what the drone is called - even if it is perhaps one of the most ancient & universal musical accompaniment known - whether produced by voice, windbag, or other means. The banjo has a drone too IIRC.

Friends, family & others tell me I’m quite good at droning so I’ve tried to learn about it. It’s a compliment because I’m not any sort of musician.

For anyone who might also be reading this, here are some WikiP links that don’t exactly support what I say above, but are interesting. I’m not really motivated right now to find the relevant references – plus I’m not a musician. I just like this type, genre & sound of instrument/vocals - similar to the person who says ‘I don’t know art, but I know what I like.’ (Also, the WikP links below have some interesting sources.)

There are also some pretty nice Android & IOS apps for the Shruti box & similar stuff - also some nice bagpipe trainers.


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I’m going to blame Donovan. Not because there’s any “one man band” element to that song, but there isn’t any hurdy gurdy either. It’s about time he pays.


I wouldn’t call them soothing exactly, but I’ve never found them unpleasant as everyone else (pretends to.) I suspect bagpipes are one of those things like clowns that are “funny” to disapprove of for people who can’t come up with a more original idea.


I’m not sure where all the hate comes from, but they are loud as hell. When I was in high school I knew a piper and she always practiced down by the railroad tracks.

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I used to practice outside my sister’s bedroom door before school, that was fun.

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I fucking love bagpipes. The High Kings singing The Parting Glass with dozens of pipers - perfect.

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I’m starting to think that the only thing that could top that bagpipe player is a full troupe of Taiko drummers.

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