Bake: a "She Persisted" energy bar to bring to the protests


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As much as this looks and sound delicious, healthy and for a great cause, damn does that ingredients list look like a parody of the Pinterest Left on a Serious Eats patterned Onion spinoff…


just whipped up a “they can’t change the truth” pig-out pie for the spectators

pumpkin puree, coconut cream, black sesame paste, sunflower oil, chia glop, bee pollen, bacon wrapped dates, more coconut cream, hershey kisses, vanilla ice cream, poppy seeds and instant oats

gloppy - got to eat it sitting on your ass - kept the bee pollen and poppy seeds, they’re so healthy


Is this some kind of sick parody? The only thing she will persist at with this recipe, is looking for all the damn ingredients…

“Hey honey, can you mind Tarquin for a few. I’m just popping to the artisan grocer, to get some bee pollen, chia and organic black sesame seeds. I may be some time”.


Speaking of mouthfuls… :wink:



hmm, i can think of another place she’ll persist - that brick would clog me up like a, um, brick

maybe that’s the point - long march, lots of marchers, not too many portaloos

didn’t NASA just run a competition to come up with a containment solution? - here’s an option


Energy bar for Trump rallies: Shredded jerky, chocolate chips, Wonder Bread crumbs, Karo syrup, bacon crumbles and Cap’N Crunch cereal, breaded and deep fried. Ranch dressing for dipping extra.


That seems like more a Libertarian energy bar. The ultimate stoner food, but not nearly vegan or health-conscious enough to be confused for Green Party food.


Exactly. It sounds like someone threw some stereotypical Shit Libruls Eat ingredients together and slapped a catchphrase on them. I’m not sure what this thing has to do with Elizabeth Warren.


I just want to say the people who FINISH an Ironman are rock stars. The people who COMPETE in them are incredible beyond words.


step one, cawefummy wemove the beak…


Go to your local hippie co-op. They’ll have all this stuff.


" Ranch dressing for dipping extra"

See, I was with you up until there.



i’m sure it’s just my bubble, but this sounds great to me.


Something something “fruits and nuts.”


Basically anything orange and fake should do.


Needs more flakes.


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