Last-minute gifts for Trump-haters


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funnier still is the Dunning-Kruger effect!

I can tell it’s totally ineffective, this form of protest, just from your comment. Got under nobodies thin skin, in the least, clearly. /s


So do share, please, your far more radical and effective holiday activities…



If I may, I don’t do Christmas presents. I spend about 10 bucks on ingredients and make everyone a nice mid-winter soda bread. They’re very popular. Thank gosh people stopped buying me useless crap I have to pretend to want and pretend to have a use for!!

Most folks trade food with me now, and that’s awesome. I get a lot of loose tea and art, too. Perfect!!


“Trump haters?” But increasingly that’s pretty much…


Radical! :rofl:

Might the bread recipe be linkable?


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…nope nope nope…


Oh it’s my grandmothers recipe. I’ll have to dig it out soon, so yes.


I observed you not ignoring it, and then explaining your choice was your “obligation”… which sounds honest, right? and then this, so, yeah, sure. It’s me, as you project, it is so. You’re not bothered, clearly. Totally ineffective tactic on the part of the fund raisers and trump haters, so obviously!


There are probably several carloads of those “Dissent is Patriotic” t-shirts in storage since the Bush administration, don’t ya think??


It takes some serious balls and denialism to claim that liberals are “the goddamn worst” with what’s going on right now. But I kind of agree with your opinion about passive consumption standing in for actually doing something, which is why I’ll be getting the Trump-haters in my life contributions in their name to key organizations standing up to Trump and his ilk. Some of the gifts on this list sort of indirectly contribute to that, but in my opinion the need is too dire to waste in half-measures. The feeling that something is actually being done to fight back is worth more to the recipients on my list than any physical object.



Buy more crap!

Click through to The Guardian to get more adds to eyeballs!

Keep believing in nonsensical “eat the rich”/anarchist/“capitalist pig” memes.

Let Trump live rent free in your head for 2018!


Welcome to BoingBoing.


Well, if wanting a free market, personal liberties, and a government elected by the people is the worst, then I’m bad to the bone.

Enjoy propping up monopolies, telling people how to live their lives “because God says so,” and gerrymandering your elections like your taint don’t stink.