Ragedonate: charities that fight Trumpism

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What a fantastic idea, i’d personally pick a more positive name.
I like that real positive action can be taken, words are one thing, but action is better.


I find it enlightening that gun manufacturer stocks were riding high all during the “presidency” of Barack Hussein Obama

but they promptly crashed upon the election coronation of Donald the Great

Instead of buying guns to defend themselves, are those stupid libtards donating money to protect others :grey_question:

What utter morans :exclamation:



a friend and I are going to organize busses from bmore to the million women march in DC in january. it is time to turn the shit on, people. i for one would FULLY support bb taking a fully activist leaning, moving forward (i’ve appreciated the tone so far).


Without going through RageDonate, I’ve been compiling my own list of organizations, based on three pillars that I think need defending in the wake of the election: Human (minority/immigrant/lgbt/women’s) Rights; The Environment; and Progressive Governance.

Most of these I’ve already given to in the past, but this has really made me seek to broaden my giving. I’m mindful, though, of two conflicting thoughts: (1) Spreading money too thinly may be less helpful than fewer, bigger donations, but (2) The huge, well-known groups (mostly represented below) already get lots of funding, and that helping to grow more grass-roots organizations is like irrigating the ecosystem of justice.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got. Feel free to add:

Human Rights:


  • National Immigration Law Center
  • Border Angels
  • Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights


  • NAACP Legal Defense Fund
  • Campaign Zero (policy solutions to end police violence in America)


  • Planned Parenthood
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America
  • Center for Reproductive Rights


  • ACLU

Environment and Climate Change:

  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • EarthJustice

Progressive Government:

  • Progressive Majority (Information and organizational aid for local progressive campaigns)
  • She Should Run (getting more women into elected leadership roles)
  • PCCC / http://boldprogressives.org (Warren-wing national campaigns)
  • on the fence about: Our Revolution (Looks like there’s some in-fighting there at the moment?); Other98 (Hard to say what they actually do with the money)

Missing is a good LGBT charity. Human Rights Campaign seems to have made some questionable choices, recently, but I’m not expert.


Wait for the IRS to be defunded, except for the section that’s going to chase down those charities or ones just like them. (A page from Stephen Harper’s book.)


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