How to fight Trump, starting right now

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I’m fighting tRump right now, and the now tomorrow too, and the next day after that, and so on.

Rebel State Out!


I do feel a bit like King Sisyphus, watching the rock roll back down the hill, again. Sigh.


I’m with you @AcerPlatanoides. We fought for abortion rights 40 years ago; now we need to fight again. We fought for women’s rights since suffrage (and before!); now we need to fight again. We fought for racial equality all along and we need to keep fighting. We’ve been fighting for LGBTQ rights and now we need to fight to make sure those rights are not rolled back.

I’ve been fighting since I was a teen and I’m tired.

I will spend the holidays with my family and friends. We will recharge each other’s batteries. And we WILL come out swinging the first day of Trump’s administration.


Climate change should be the top priority. Nothing else matters if we push past the tipping point and Venusize the planet.


Perhaps one should add labor organization to the list. Progressives should remember that helping the working class is actually supposed to be one of the things they are about.


I swear to God that if Reid, Pelosi and other Congressional Dem leaders come out of the gate in Jan capitulating to Trump in the interest of unity I’m going to lose my shit. Dems need to grow a backbone and use the same obstructionist tactics against Republicans that has been used against them for the past 8 years.

This means filibuster everthing - SCOTUS nominees, Obamacare repeal, tax cuts…Every. Goddamn. Thing! No mercy and no retreat. Do it all in the name of protecting the American people from their shitty choice of Herr Hairpiece.

Now is not the time to unify - it’s time to fight the motherfuckers dirty and hard! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. We can all watch with glee as Trump gets ground to little pieces by the Washington political machine.


But that would be hard and they don’t pas as well as the capitalists do.

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This is exactly what they were going to do if HRC won.


Having lost the single most powerful ally in the world, it’s time to put lots of effort into outreach. You didn’t have a big enough team Tuesday to beat him (measured in privileged not population), so build a bigger team.

Trump voters obviously don’t care about a lot of things we hold dear. Why don’t they care? Could they care? For some of them we must believe they can.

Many don’t care about Muslims or Jews or PoC because they don’t know any Muslims or Jews or PoC. His statements and actions with regard to women don’t seem out of the ordinary for them because in some places that kind of talk and behavior never went extinct.

Many of these same Trump voters are susceptible to evangelism. This is a feature not a bug. You have seen the value in equality. They haven’t yet. You have realized the value of freedoms they have never had to worry about. Preach.

If you get the ear of a Trump voter, tell them a story of something beautiful.


Liam1, You are correct 100%. I drive alot and I see a lot of crazy driving in the red sector of my blue state. No more do I succumb to speeding up when a pickup comes barreling down on me, and I don’t cower and let them pass. They will slow down, they will use less fuel and they shall not pass. If everyone does this, we can both frustrate and raise awareness to these folks that can’t see what is coming. At the very least we will all save money and reduce fuel waste. #uncivilobedience

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Welp, you’ve come to the right place to express your worries and fears for our collective future. Have a hug and join in the cathartic conversation. You’ll find lots of great threads about politics, social issues, and fun stuff, too. Welcome to boing boing!


I doubt starting a war with Russia would help anyone.


Listening to the tone of NPR this week has been pretty funny.

During the “W” administration they were forced by politics to bring up “alternate” views on climate change and evolution. Slowly but surely they started making sure that experts were given the opportunity to state there was never any scientific basis for these views.

The Morning Edition crew now on board seems to be in “Fuck it, we’ll probably be de-funded soon.” mode and make sure to remind listeners of Trump’s inflammatory statements whenever he’s mentioned.



Start by fighting the people that got trump elected - the Democratic Party. There can be no progress until the Wasserman/Brazile-type folks are removed.


Are we ever going to stop? Because that’s all I’ve been seeing. That, and fear. I’m through watching the left turn into a puddle of jello. The world is about to become a deeply unsafe space. Resilience is now mandatory. It was mandatory before, but no one gave a shit, and so now no one is prepared.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
-Frank Herbert

In my area, there’s been some serious KKK and Swastika graffiti including right where I typically walk alone from work at night. But, I don’t want pity or concern. I want anger and action. The last vestiges of my already declining interest in brittle identity-based leftism evaporated a few of weeks ago when I realized that everyone was wrong and that Trump was going to win. I’ve warned people that breeding delicacy was dangerous, that the position that human rights are not universal only strengthens the position of people who will deprive you of your rights. I’ve warned people that fairness, and justice, and goodness is a philosophy, and not a strategy. I didn’t want to be right about any of it, but as I find myself going to meetings and trying organize, I realize that we’ve rounded off all of our sharp edges, and for what? In our zeal to talk about voices and volumes and tone we neglected our muscles and tendons and spines.

Now I will work with whoever works towards my shared objectives, but I’m not playing any more games about who has the privilege necessary to have credibility to make a unanimous decision about who gets to hold the bathroom key next. This isn’t a disavowal of anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-transphobia or anti-homophobia, but it is a severe judgement of our tactics and a disdain for what I perceive to be our very sorry, very weak state due to practices that are only incidental to these important philosophies.


That’s one of the reasons I think that PoC is a daft concept. As an ethnic minority myself, I am well aware that everybody has a color. I am not eager to artificially “other” myself, nor give some ill-defined definition of “whiteness” primacy. I know that mine appears to be an unpopular position, but I think that’s a really bad idea.


I recall an editorial segment some months ago on either Morning Edition or ATC that talked about how NPR was deliberately moving away from the “both sides are equal” false equivalency journalism and will start calling bullshit when they see it.

Can’t find that segment anywhere but I know for a fact I heard it.


Where was the suggestion of[quote=“Bolt_Bolter, post:14, topic:89244”]
… starting a war with Russia …