Here are some of the lavish, lobbyist-funded parties that Congress and the Trump administration will attend this month


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Lobby-funded hangovers. (For us that is)


I’m sure glad that I don’t have to do all that stuff, or, any of it.


Hey, even the ruling class need to have their bread & circuses




Little pots of lentil stew should be on the menu at every last one of these events.


Guess I better pretty myself up, 'cause it’s go time!


You didn’t even read the list? Most of those are already in the past. Now only Ebenezer can go back and visit.


They should be required to give proper advance notice and invite the general public.


Exactly. The real boondoggle is the GOP Bunker Party at the Greenbrier in January. Fitting they’d choose the Bunker to count their Xmas party “winnings”. Nobody can hear their constituents scream underground.



The only one that remotely appeals to me is the “Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Holiday Party” on December 12th. Who wants to be my +1?


I feel just terribly guilty for hoping for a prolonged vault door malfunction. Truly beside myself with shame.


Ha! Came to say the same thing. I’m in.


Would you want to eat food at a shindig put on by the American Gas Association?


So… dinner isn’t ok, but tapas are?

I guess that makes sense in a way. Bribes are illegal, but “campaign donations”…


That one has real potential.
Like, say, Donwfall LARPing.
With real bullets.


Better yet, a prolonged revolving door malfunction.


Don’t I recall there was a bunker that played an important role in history? Around the end of WWII is I recall…


Shindigs that are used to lobby and fund the political parties that Corey likes: Good!
Shindigs that are used to lobby and fund the political parties that Corey dislikes: BAD!

Because, HOW DARE THEY use the same methods…


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