"Fuck Trump" and "Immigrant" hats benefit ACLU

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Accessories sold separately.


It would be neat if these hats were made in the USA, as a counterpoint to Trump’s Chinese-manufactured “Make America Great” hats.


They also look more durable and stylish than the cheap and (no doubt foreign-sourced) MAGA hats that the Know-Nothings wear.

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I’d love to see these in the much anticipated FDT Part 3.

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“Fuck Trump” sounds dismissive. How about some more participatory and demanding messages like: “FIRE TRUMP!” ; “Arrest Jared Kushner”; “Remove Trump from office”. Who wants to fuck Trump anyway? Do you?

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Ivanka? Bannon? Farage?

May wants too but can’t - she has her head so far up his ass that fucking isn’t possible anatomically.

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I could not imagine myself wearing either hat. Last thing i’d want is for some racist asshole to engage me on the street in some kind of confrontation. More power to those that feel comfortable doing so

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I have never felt Trump was a good choice for President, but he is the current President.

No matter how you feel about him, wearing a Fuck Trump hat seems tasteless to me.

I mean, a redneck with a Fuck Obama hat is an asshole, right?

Love the Immigrant hat, though :slight_smile:


Shit! Macklemore killed that.


Being president doesn’t automatically entitle you to respect, least of all from those whom you are making a policy of screwing. As for the office, nobody has shown more contempt for it than Trump himself.

My problem with “Fuck Trump” and similar messages is that you’re displaying anger for the benefit of those who voted to piss you off in the first place. The Immigrant hat is so much better because it responds with indifference—“I’m an immigrant and I don’t care how you feel about it.”


As much as I generally dislike Macklemore I couldn’t agree more.

Your politics are like a Starburst pack! (Why?) Nobody fucks with the orange one!
How about we stop selling automatic guns? You got rich cause your daddy gave you automatic funds. Add it up you an automatic punk, what it is? I’m just trying to make America great again!

Those are some strokes of genius.

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Yeah, i’ve never before been impressed, but damn!

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If it only says “Fuck Obama”, then no, that doesn’t automatically make them an asshole.

If it says “Fuck Obama” with a noose next to it, then yes, they are an asshole.


I fear thou hast fair rent the coney in twain!

they’re designed and embroidered in the usa.

Hum. at $20, this is not a bad deal.

I like my simple phrase:


Alliterative, and to the point. I made 1000 stickers…

I’m still looking for the