Bald eagle dislikes Donald Trump


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That is eagle abuse, being tethered that close to T Rump.


Did Trump steal the eagle’s toupee?


The eagle recognized him as a fellow carrion and turned on it’s territorial mode.


Is this symbolic for something?

For me it’s just another reminder of how hard we’re all finding it to stop giving this flaming narcissist the attention he so obviously, endlessly craves.


It was clearly afraid of that fuzzy thing eating Trump’s head and worried it would be next.

And I hope the internment camp I get sent to for insulting President Trump has decent internet access.


The humanoid has a squirrel on its head!




One time I was at the PHX zoo, and the golden eagles tracked the children like noones business. Never trust raptors, they all want to eat you.


Couldn’t you use this eagle to vet other folk too?


Well, they are dinosaurs!


Color me unsurprised.


And eagles aren’t usually so discerning…hmmm…

It might be a miscalculation by Tump.


The bird didn’t appreciate what Trump said about its sick mother.

(You know that he can’t help himself from talking smack about “the Ill Eagles.”)


Great idea! It’s like how the resistance uses dogs to sniff out Terminators!



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