Bald man explains where to draw the line between face and head when washing up

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To think that all along, this one weird trick would have given me the grimy, sweaty scalp I always wanted.


You’re kidding me right?

“There ya go, that’s the head part”

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It’s not like the scalp doesn’t also need cleaning. I’ll keep on washing the whole thing, thank you.


this is too fussy. i just start at my face and keep going.

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This is so silly…

Try this explanation with your kid when you have a beard…

I just told them my head hair fell through my face, so I washed my head and shampooed my chin, while standing on my head in the shower. Seemed to satisfy them

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I discovered, while doing a fun 5 months of cisplatin, that when you lose your eyebrows? and are bald? people cannot form a frame of reference for your face… and that is one of the main reasons they freak out.

If you wear glasses, or (not kidding) draw on eyebrows? it helps folks ‘recognize’ they are talking to another human.

(yes, I chose giant Max Von Sydow/Ming-The-Merciless style to draw, cause? why not?)

wierd chemo hacks – please continue…


That look worked for Pierluigi Collina (he had severe alopecia), he was the best association football referee of the 1990s and 2000s.

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Alternative trick: wash the part with hair using shampoo, and the part with no hair with face detergent.


I don’t think there is actually anyone out there who is following the advice in the video, but if there, is I’m curious to know what happens with the spurned no-man’s-land area, especially in terms of shine management. I picture a kind of grease tiara

The real question is, why does it matter? It’s all just skin. Bald guys don’t usually clean their scalps with shampoo. That stuff is for hair. I’m bald and the face-specific skin care I do each day doesn’t end at the wrinkles on my forehead. The top of your head needs spf and a moisturizer also!

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I was briefly flummoxed by the headline, because over here “washing up” usually means “doing the dishes”.


Uh … I think this guy’s needs a hobby.

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