Men polled about women's pubic hair

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Complete with an infographic, the poll is quite amusing, "not that women give a damn what men think," as the Post so eloquently puts it.

Hahaaha. Oh man I needed a good laugh. Thanks.

Yeah. Just like men don’t give a damn what women think. Because you know, we’re not all concerned about how others perceive us at all. Nope. None of us have changed anything about ourselves because of what other people think - especially not people we sleep with. ROFL


Earth: I didn’t come here to make friends.

I’m actually a little surprised at the amount of manscaping going on. Seems about equal to the female levels of trimming, from empirical observation. If anything, I’d say this suggests a much more egalitarian attitude than the article’s “men are pigs” tone suggests.


If I shaved my pubes completely, I’d have to shave my entire body, which frankly is too much hassle to contemplate. Even if I hadn’t already seen that episode of Seinfeld and the one of Malcolm in the Middle where his mom shaves his dad’s back.

I wouldn’t have much of a problem with trimming my pubic triangle a bit shorter (actually it’s more of a diamond shape), but nobody’s ever asked me to.

Edit: In case it’s not obvious, I’m writing as a man, not a hirsute woman. When it comes to women’s pubes, I’m in the “whatever she’s comfortable with” camp.


I wish you would.


Okay, now I should amend that to “No-one important to me has asked me to.” Sorry, bro.


Then why did the HuffPo ask them?


Also this seems to be missing a question. “Have you ever skipped/limited cunnilingus because of a woman’s pubic hair grooming choices?” Honestly, that’s really where full natural can be a bit of a mouth full.

During intercourse? Meh.


The manscaping question has some odd answers. It seems like at least 68% of men do trim or shave their pubic hair. Possibly another 20% do if their partner does. You’re right though, 68-88% of men* grooming their pubic hair is considerably more than I would have guessed.

* Men who read which seems to be geared towards higher style-conscious men

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If you got hairy legs you cant really shave everything. You look silly. You can trim up though.


Pretty important methodological note: 5,000 men who regularly read and would agree to take a Huffpo poll… so, self-limiting samples and all that…


Mister Overshare here confesses that he has experienced occasions when he silently wished some of that hair wasn’t in the way. But that never stopped him from enthusiastically partaking in this indulgence.

It would be like complaining that a lifetime’s supply of free ice cream included one too many gallons of pistachio.


Exactly. I really don’t care what it looks like. HOWEVER, having choked on a full natural set? Yeah…my most recent serious ex rarely got this service because I just couldn’t do it. Has nothing to do with how it looked, it had to do with fur tickling the uvula.

So…women may not give a damn what we think, but if certain activities are curtailed…they might need to reconsider.

Well, it could provide a useful screening tool. Were I single, I couldn’t continue to be involved with a man who asked me to go completely hairless. The implications of such a request seem to me rather disturbing. Grown women, like grown men, have pubic hair.


Not to overshare, but I once had to stop, run to the bathroom and then spend no less than five minutes trying to cough up hair(s) that had managed to get stuck in the back of my throat near my uvula. Nothing would dislodge it. I eventually had to go to the kitchen and grab a spoon of peanut butter

Luckily my partner had a sense of humor.

The reverse has also happened (though without the running out of the room), which is why I now keep extremely tidy down there.

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Nice pubes

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Yeah I have never really cared one way or the other. Though I haven’t ever had as bad a problem with stray hair as @Aloisius has had.

Well, don’t read too much into it. Grown women, like grown men, also have hairy legs and armpits. There’s a vast difference between pedophiles and people who simply prefer slightly less-lush (or an absence of) pubic hair.


Implications? What implications are there?

Are they any different from the implications of women wanting to date men who have a single (and far more noticeable) prepubescent characteristic (ie: being clean shaven)?