Ballistic gel "farts" after a bullet passes through it


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Entirely depends on what the gel is made of. I can imagine nitroglycerine would behave differently.


Interesting, actually, as far as the “fire triangle” goes…

Heat, OK: a pocket of air, compressing that fast, heats up good.

Oxygen, sure.

But what’s the fuel?


One of the other BB Eds posted this a month or so ago. Apparently this clearer brand of gel is more flammable than the older, yellowish stuff. So a little puff of flame and smoke is fairly common.


Yes, it was supposedly ‘sonoluminescence’ last time round, and there was a longer version of the video.

I posted a link to the MSDS for clear ballistic gelatin, which states that it’s flammable if heated.


So if ballistic gel mimics swine (and therefore human) tissue, that means we fart like this when we get shot too.


I think I would be more likely to scream in agony.


I first saw this hours ago, and that little black cloud still makes me laugh. Even the looped GIF.


No, gel provides a simplified simulation of tissue that is useful for showing penetration and cavitation effects. It does not accurately simulate many other features of living tissue, including actual chemical content, or more ridiculously, flammability.


needs the sound effect.


This clear type gel is petroleum based, so vaporized hydrocarbons.

For some reason this reminds me of mantis shrimp…


It doesn’t taste ANYTHING like pig either.


DIY your own sound effects at home by eating chili, popcorn, or a Wendy’s Frosty.


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