Ballroom dancing in a busy NYC crosswalk

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Really only posting this so I have an excuse to watch it again.


Ugh. So annoying. The “look at me look at me look at meeeee!!!” culture at its worst.

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Not their best or most original idea, but still fun. If you can send one person back to Idaho saying “You’ll never guess what I saw in New York!” then it’s worth it. And if you can get one real New Yorker to dance in the street with you (1:38), mission accomplished!


What a sad little comment.


Similar to posting in the comments section of an online blog/forum, really.


I will readily admit that stuff like this makes me feel really cheerful (whether I want to or not :wink: ). Thumbs up!


Ah, The Fisher King! That scene is one of the most ephemeral and transcendent things ever filmed. Beautiful, and heartbreaking. He may be maddeningly inconsistent, but Terry Gilliam is a very gifted filmmaker.

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This makes me smile, because I am not dead inside.

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Not at all similar, actually.

Actually, I think Improv Everywhere has done several very powerful “don’t look at me” events, but nobody knows about them. It’s like the Anthropic Principle, for performance art.

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Yes, highly underrated movie.

I beg to differ. I only post on these things because I want to be noticed. Same as dancing on a crosswalk.

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