Baltimore gang members call bullshit on police reports that gangs called truce to kill cops


Stalemate. Which violent gang are we supposed to believe now?


Typical LE propaganda and never forget the efficacy of agents provocateurs. Why would the people in a neighborhood destroy structures that they and their families and friends rely on like the senior/transitional housing the CVS? Hmm? Why?

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What is “LE propaganda”?

I guess they can’t dig-it


I am assuming LE = law enforcement

That makes sense. I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks.

It’s French for “the propaganda.”


Law Enforcement

Yeah it makes much more sense now, thanks! :smile:

So what happens after this whole Baltimore rioting thing?
a) Now they have formed a supergang and will rule with an ironfist
b) They form a gang consortium and start holding elections become a legit entity
c) They go back to killing each other in turf wars

I like the incredulity when one gang member asks why their truce isn’t painted in a positive way…
Well, its not like you guys are some charitable organization known for good deeds.
I mean, good job on not forming a coalition to kill cops…you want a cookie or something?

Don’t get me wrong, cops haven’t exactly been shown to be the good guys either, but we can’t applaud these upstanding gang members just because they aren’t out there killing each other and cops right this minute.

Same reason these people (aka gang members) do drive-bys, sell drugs, other shitty gang stuff…
They don’t give a shit.

Gangs do shitty things in all cultures. Triads, Yakuza, Mafia, etc. All, usually in their own neighborhoods and to their own peoples.

French for Law Enforcement


To be honest I would support a gang team-up to hunt down the cops. The police have lost all legitimacy, they deserve the worst the crooks can dish out.

Something tells me you aren’t a member of those peoples. It’s true, gangs rather suck. But it’s also true that the media uses them as a stand-in for all minorities, especially the ones we should fear, which is all of them. Does the Black Guerrilla Family really exist? It sounds exactly like something Fox News would think up to terrify white people.


Disparate in-groups within a maligned populace stop hostilities with one another to stand in non-violent solidarity.

No wonder the cops are reacting the way they are.

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refreshing and much-needed perspective. thanks for this. but also, i have to question why that obnoxious GIF is there. it says nothing, and is a waste of space and bandwidth.

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Thanks. As for the gif, it’s one of my absolute favourites. Who the hell are you to tell me not to use gifs on the internet!? Check your privilege!


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wait, no, not YOURS! that one is a joy to behold. i meant the one on the main page for this article… the one of the snippet of the news reel. it makes no sense to me.

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