Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh resigns over book grift scandal

White-collar crime is erasable crime.



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Adios chicka!

This is maybe borderline racist if not completely and totally. Not that Pugh deserves any compassion whatsoever but “bookins” and a black child behind bars. Kinda looks like something from the Reddit Baltimore racist trolls.

And in the same way that a solid majority of Christians are pretty much of the televangelist variety, a solid majority of democratic politicians are corrupt. Most of them are better at it than this,though. I think you have a very rose-tinted view of Democrats. Just because they are less flagrantly corrupt and authoritarian than Republicans doesn’t mean that they aren’t pretty awful.

HAHAHAHAH. No. Not really. At best I think maybe one in ten politicians from either party gives a fuck about the people. And that may be a high estimate. I’m very jaded when it comes to having faith in people who are so eager to rule.

You need a new gym and you should tell them WHY you need a new gym. In fact, you should ask for a refund citing pain and distress.


Most Christians aren’t.


Funniest part of all this is how all of Baltimore, white and black, liberal and conservative, want this low end crook out ASAP, while conservatives almost universally support the most corrupt authoritarian president we’ve ever had.

Democrats will eat their own as needed.

The tax fraud itself is past the statute of limitations so it isn’t being pursued against Trump or his family. However, Trump’s sister was still a federal judge so she faced an ethics investigation over it. Resigining ended the investigation as she was no longer a judge and so no longer subject judicial conduct rules.


Makes sense in that context.

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So, if ‘buy my book if you want to do anything in my town’ is bad, ‘stay in my hotels if you want to do anything’ is…

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