This is my family. The fungus already got poor uncle Bananajamin. Grandbanana has the rot. I am quaking in my skin.

@SteampunkBanana, are you OK? How about Mrs. Banana? Baby nannas? Don’t tell me. You are in bed watching Brazil… again.


That one has been cycling through the news for what 10 years now? It is a risk, but there are lots of other and quite tasty banana choices out there.


but there are lots of other and quite tasty banana choices out there

You are a mean person. This is my FAMILY you are talking about. Other choices. Pssssh I’ma “other choice” you in the face with one of these:

It’s a banana cream pie.



It’s been a hard week for us as well, Uncle Ritchie got into an accident, lost his whole lower half:

Cousin Wilbur’s entire family was… I can’t even say it:

And just as we made it back from that funeral we came across my grandbanana. Just couldn’t take it any more. Note said his skin slough was just too hard.

So yeah, I’m staying in bed, it’s just not safe out there.



And before anyone else beats me to it.
Just look at this thread!


Turns out monoculture isn’t always a win.


(Apologies to @SteampunkBanana for stealing this back…)


Would you believe I was getting there?


My cousin, Darell, used to videotape himself and the wife, ah, um, doing it, right? And, well, things went a little wrong yesterday and we lost her.





Thanks, nanners. I needed to end my week with this thread.


I fuckin’ guffawed


@awjt, @SteampunkBanana It’s true what they say about Black Bananas, right?

(they’re…good in bread?)


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